“I won’t fund the troops, but I support the troops”

HOGWASH!  If you don’t fund the troops to provide them with the equipment, ammo, armor, weaponry, uniforms, boots, meals ready to eat (MREs), cots, sleeping bags, potable water, etc…, then you do not support the troops period!  Hillary Rotten Clinton, Barack what’s a M16 Obama and John how does my hair look Edwards do not deserve to even be a nominee for President.  My advise would be for them to focus on things they know about; national security? No!  Illegal immigration? No!  What about tax cuts? No.., ummm, let’s see…. tick-tock, tick-tock, oh I got it, they can recycle goods while negotiating with terrorist countries!      


~ by bohography on June 5, 2007.

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