Sleeping With The Enemy

Shamnesty John McCain has betrayed our national security!  Out of all the politicians to co-author an immigration bill, McCain had to pick Ted one more drink Kennedy.  Come on, are you serious?  The number one priority for any President is to protect Americans; heres a little hint, amnesty is definitely not the way.  Yes, amnesty, that’s what it is, there’s no way around it, still amnesty!  McCain’s disregard to national security has landed him a one way ticket to defeat; no oval office for him… Mark my word, his support for President will diminish and he will undoubtedly lose again. No person who appeases to illegals and turns their back on a sovereign country deserves to have a say in any critical decision making.

As for Kennedy, well, what can I say?  He’s never been a protector of sovereignty.  Why do you think Kennedy will never again run for President?  I mean, come on Teddy, you think we’re so wrong in every category under the sun, so throw your hat in, fix all the problems you love to rant about!

The truth is, Kennedy would not even come close to be elected, because his ideas are in the minority, his popularity is due to the Kennedy name, and of course he has no leadership abilities whatsoever!  Oh how I wish they had term limits…           


~ by bohography on June 6, 2007.

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