Press 1 for Spanish, 2 for English

During the Republican Presidential Debate, Shamnesty John McCain said that the immigration bill he and Teddy Drinks wrote, requires illegal immigrants to learn English… According to the bill, if illegals do not learn our language in a reasonable time, then they will have to pay a penalty.  HOGWASH! Do you honestly think that 12-20 million illegals will take the time to learn our national language?  They will not even carry our flag… Do you really believe illegals will pay a fine?  They will not even pay parking tickets… But, according to Johnny and Teddy this will work, this is a good plan, it’s solid.  If by chance, pigs start flying and this does work, then I just have a few questions for the immigration experts… Once all the illegals learn our national language, like you think they will, then we can do away with anything said or written in the spanish language, right?  When I make a call, I will never again have to press 1 for spanish and to for English, right? I will never again have to worry about having a language barrier when I order a hamburger, right? Most importantly, I will never, never hear our National Anthem performed in a different language again!  Because your plan is solid…., right? 


~ by bohography on June 7, 2007.

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