Round 1: Amnesty Defeated!

You’ve probably heard by now that the Shamnesty John / Teddy Drinks amnesty bill was defeated today in the senate… This great defeat is due to the outrage and demands of the majority… However, this is only the first round, we must turn up the heat and get this crisis resolved.  We can start by applying pressure on our representatives to build the fence and finally secure the border! Right now the government has 1 billion dollars in hand, to build the fence from the previous bill that was passed and signed into law 6 months ago. To date, only 11 out of the approved 854 miles has been completed.  We cannot afford to release the pressure, or this will simply fade away… Take a stand America, demand OUR government to enforce the laws that already exist!  Demand them to stop the stalling tactics and build the fence now!  This is round 2, so let’s getting going and keep it going… After we accomplish round 2, then will address round 3, the Knock Out Punch….To be continued.


~ by bohography on June 8, 2007.

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