America.., the Next India?

Currently, America’s population is at 302 million and climbing… By the year 2040, the US Census Bureau estimates that our population will reach a staggering 500 million!  So, the obvious questions are; at what number do we say enough is enough?  Is it 800 million?  1 billion?  Is America going to be an overpopulated country like India?  What about our beautiful land, our country side?  Are we going to replace trees with concrete?  Will the spread of mass population drive our wildlife toward extinction?  Will the crime rate skyrocket?  Finally, did the politicians who wrote the Illegal Amnesty Bill think about the long term consequences that their agendas will produce?  Think about it, let’s say that there are 12 million illegal aliens here today (that’s the low estimate); the Amnesty Bill protects 12 million from splitting up their family.  So, 12 million and let’s say an average of 3 children per illegal, again the low estimate; 12 million times 3, equals 36 million.  Right off the bat, 36 million allowed Amnesty!  Oh, by the way, I only counted the children and not both parents… So let’s add 1 more illegal to the count…, survey says….., 48 million come on in, you’re the next Illegal on The Amnesty is Right!  What a disgrace, pure HOGWASH!

Well I guess the US Census Bureau will have to re-crunch the numbers… If this lack of National Security and Welfare – Amnsety Bill is implimented, our population will go from 302 million to 350 million overnight!  Again, that’s the low estimate… So the real question is…, Where’s the Fence?      


~ by bohography on June 13, 2007.

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