The Paris Hilton Phenomenon…

What is happening to America?  I mean, do we really care that Paris Hilton walked out of a building crying and got into her car?  This is breaking news?  Come on!  The fact is the news media will continue covering this HOGWASH, because for some reason, some people just can’t leave the TV…, they just might miss critical information about Paris, Britney, or Lindsay… Teenagers today need a reality check, no not a reality show, a “real life” reality check; they need to get a clue on what is newsworthy!  However, how can teenagers today break this mold if the Katie Couric’s of the world keep fueling the fire?  Hey Katie, I have a news story you could cover… Instead of your news breaking coverage of Paris walking to her car, how about you cover and report on American Heroes coming home from the war?  How about you have the cameras at the airport with the families anxiously waiting for their loved ones to return?  You can talk about what it means to be “real Americans”, enduring “real sacrifices” like being apart from each other for a year or two!  Not a couple of weeks in jail… Now that’s newsworthy!  Oh and Katie, be sure to say thank you… That’s all… Just say thank you to the heroes for sacrificing their lives, so you can spew your liberal toxins across the very nation they defend!!! That’s newsworthy…     


~ by bohography on June 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Paris Hilton Phenomenon…”

  1. Good one. She’s got a horse face anyways….hold on Lindsey Lohen is on tv.

  2. Thanks Nick, I’m sure there will be more to come… Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll return often.


  3. I agree 100%. Not news…entertainment they call news.

  4. Hey Trish, glad to see you stop by… The mainstream news media is just another sign of how our priorities and morals have changed through the years. This is a contradiction since I have this blog, but I believe the Internet plays a big role in how our society is evolving… Hope to hear from you and the ole man soon. Enjoy the ranting!


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