My America, My Son’s America…

I sometimes wonder what kind of America my son will face as a man…  It’s one of those things if you think about too much, it could become depressing.  There are so many differences in America today, than there were when I was a kid.  But that’s today, what about 20 years from now when he’s a fully matured man?  You see, I’m the type of person who hardly worries about anything, I’m a “cross the bridge when it happens” kind of guy.  But I have to admit, this is a concern of mine.  There are so many issues that I think are only going to become worse as the years pass by.  However, the one issue that I believe will dramatically influence and affect America’s future, is illegal immigration…  This complicated, controversial and political issue with out a doubt, will be the defining moment of our time.  The War on Terror and illegal immigration are the two issues that we must address, pursue and resolve first, before anything else.  Yes, even Global Warming can wait!  So what do we do?  Are we going to ignore this crisis?  Do we just let the chips fall where they may and allow our country to be invaded and overran by millions of criminals?  Or do we take a stand once and for all and put a stop to this invasion.  Are we going to actually sit quietly on the sidelines while our English language is compromised?  What about the flag, our sacred and valued flag.  Right now there are pro-illegal activists who want to change OUR beloved flag, because it supposedly offends illegals!  Can you sense the change?  Do you understand the importance of protecting our America?  I tell you now, if “We The People” do not act on this, then we will face dramatic changes for the worse, for many years to come!  If we let go, our country, our history, our future as Americans will slowly fade away and our land will become foreign to us.  So what will we do?  I made a silent promise to my son that I will do my part to protect his future as an American.  I will do my part to ensure the next President will not sell out his own country, but put American interests before the interests of millions of criminal invaders.  I will do my part to ensure I vote for representatives who are Pro-American, not Anti-American, who are Pro-military, not underminding our troops, and most importantly representatives who will enforce our constitution and established laws, by putting aside their personal agendas…  I would regret the day that my son may ask me “how could your generation allow this to happen”.   Or “Dad, what was America like when you were my age”?  I want you to take a moment and think about how your America was growing up…  Ask yourself, is my America getting better or worse?  What will be my part to protect my child’s America?  We must keep pushing forward, we have to remian energized.  The amnesty advocates are patiently waiting for our passion to run dry.  They are waiting for the news media to cover the next big story and refocus its attention away from them.  Amnesty politicians are waiting and quietly plotting behind closed doors, ignoring our voice.  They are banking on our fire to burn out.  This is our country and our country is designed to be governed for the people and by the people, so let’s do what our fore-fathers charged us to do.  We must unite on this for the sake of our America, will you do your part?  But most of all, don’t let go, don’t ever let go.  “I will always protect you my son”… 


~ by bohography on June 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “My America, My Son’s America…”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s almost ironic that both bin Laden and the US Senate feel that the key to victory is testing the resolve of the American people. They both feel that if they can drag this out, our patience and attention span will dwindle, leaving them victorious. We cannot back down, and we cannot make either ‘a long war’, as President Bush says. There are too many people on the other side that just don’t get the threat, that feel if we are nice to everyone, we’ll all be ok. I wish the world was like that, but it’s not.

    I think you and I are pretty similar in our views. I don’t know you or your background, but judging from you blog and posts, I agree with you on most points. I too have a young son, and worry more about what I’m leaving him, rather than my personal well being.

    If no one has said it to you today, let me be the first….Thank you for your service to the country.

    the csc

  2. Thanks for the kind words… I think about the military almost everyday, I truly miss it. Those were the best and most rewarding days of my life… Oh, by the way, my name is Bo and I’m from Arkansas (Hogs) hints, Bohography… But I live in Texas now and the immigration issue here is very hot! You might be able to tell that I’m really passionate about this subject. Anyway, I look forward to reading your posts tommorrow, thanks again for the comments.


  3. My name is Al, and I’m from the Southern part of NJ, about 20 minutes outside of Philly. My dad is ex-army. I share your passion on this immigration issue becasue I just can’t see why are elected officials refuse to listen to us. I think the latest #s showed 80% of the country against the Senate immigration bill, however they are all fired up to restart the debate in trying to get this thing passed. It’s sooooo frustrating.

  4. Good to meet you Al… I too am filled with frustration, I hope someday soon our message will spread and become contagious to the inspired reader. A little FYI, I spent 6 weeks in NJ for Air Base Defense training and tactics at Ft. Dix…


  5. Good ol’ Ft Dix. Not too far away, probably about 1/2 hr or so, give or take. I bet you thought it was crazy to hear that story coming out of there about the terror plot (as much as I did being that close to home).

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