“Jobs Americans Don’t Want To Do”…

The jobs that Americans don’t want to do, is fighting wildfires at the border…  The Washington Times reported today that our under paid and undermanned Border Agents are constantly under attack.  Not only are Americans lives at risk, so are some of our National Forests.  The report found that illegal aliens are setting fires to Border Patrol observation posts and the Coronado National Forest to disrupt and burn out our guys, protecting our border.  To date, five wildfires have been set by these illegals, damaging some of our natural resources.  Illegal aliens, illegal alien drug smugglers, illegal alien human traffickers and illegal alien gang bangers are using the wildfire tactic in a attempt to divert border security, so they can cross our border undetected.  The investigative report further documents that our fellow Americans at the border, have been shot at with weapons ranging from typical weaponry, to rocks, fireballs, cocktails, sling shots and vehicle ramming tactics.  Everyday, our Border Patrol Agent’s lives are literally on the line.  Not only are they trying to keep us safe from these illegal low-lifes, but they also have to escort the National Forest Service while they put out the fires.  Here’s a little hint for the amnesty politicians on Criminal Hill… If the fence was there like it was supposed to be, then we wouldn’t have this problem!!!  I’m sorry you didn’t hear us?  If the fence was there like it was supposed to be, then we wouldn’t have this problem!!!  I wonder if these illegal-criminal-arson aliens renounce their actions, then they could sign up for the Z Visa program?  You betcha, just like the amnesty politicians said, that if a gang member who is illegal, renounces his gang, they will be authorized Z Visa status!  The President, Michael Chertoff, John McCain, Tony Snow (just to name a few) and of course the pre-9/11 liberals have underestimated the American outrage…  Just keep ignoring us, keep thinking that you speak for us, but most of all, keep feeding us the ammunition we need to render you jobless and worthless to our society…  Maybe you will be able to find a real job someday…, well maybe not, cause you see, we Americans don’t want to do those type of jobs, isn’t that right Mr. President?  I guess you could always fight wildfires at the border…          



~ by bohography on June 20, 2007.

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