Are We A Superpower Or Not?

You probably know by now that I’m very passionate about the illegal immigration issue. Well here’s another thought to ponder… When I think about the amnesty politicians up on Criminal Hill, I can’t help but wonder where all the common sense has gone?  Are we a superpower or not?  I thought America was the mighty superpower of the world.  Think about it, we have accomplished so much since the birth of our country… Over the years our technological inovation has rapidly advanced. During the Civil War, the submarine was brought to life, today we have submarines and other water vessels that travel around the world and have aircraft land on them.  In 1800, the White House was constructed, today we build skyscrapers quicker than we built The White House.  We created the Statue of Liberty and she’s still standing tall today.  Back in the 60’s we built the B-52 bomber, the same “Buff” today is still dropping bombs.  Now we have hot air ballons that travel around the world, a balloon!  And of course we built a space shuttle that went to the moon…, uhhh moon, spacecraft, and today we’re talking about civilian space travel for vacations.  Since we obviously can build pretty much anything we put our minds to, it just makes me wonder… Why is it so difficult for America, the superpower, to build a border fence?  It’s a simple question, but for some reason it’s a question that the aministration can’t answer.  Our U.S. military bases have this type of fencing, but we call it a perimeter fence.  But for some reason this type of fence just can’t be built at the border.  They say that Boeing is creating this so-called “high tech fence” inside their top secret warehouse…  Guess what type of perimeter fencing is protecting Boeing’s warehouse?  You guessed it!  The same, exact, identical type of fence that was signed into law last year by the President and U.S. Congress…  854 miles of the same type of fencing that protects our military bases, nuclear sites and Boeing’s top secret warehouse.  To date, only around 11 miles of the fence has been fully completed… Key word fully completed, don’t be fooled.  Thanks to Presidential hopeful Duncan Hunter, he built the 11 mile portion of the fence with no problems.  Oh by the way, Duncan Hunter is the author of last year’s Bill.  It’s nice to have someone who follows through…

Another thought… Do you mean to tell me that China can build The Great Wall of China in 7th century B.C., but we can’t put up a fence in 2007?  IT’S A FENCE!  Do you know why The Great Wall of China was built? Invasion, that’s right invasion… Huh, that rings a bell… We’re trying to stop further invasion too, but with a fence!  Well, El Presidente this is a simple fix, since you and your amnesty chronies refuse to build the fence you signed into law, then I suggest using the National Guard at the border.  Give them the proper equipment and materials and I guarantee you they will have the fence built in 6 months.  I mean, they’re not allowed to protect the border properly anyway because of your spinless rules of engagement… So let them have some pride and actually defend our borders.  Can you at least do that, Jorge?                 


~ by bohography on June 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Are We A Superpower Or Not?”

  1. This is starting to drive me nuts. I read somewhere that it took 13 mos to build the Empire State Building, an architectural wonder, but we can’t build a fence. It’s not that we can’t- it’s that we won’t. Our elected officials are so beholden to the special interest groups, they could care less what the people think. Call me crazy, but I really think their trying to push this NAFTA thing and create a EU like group here with the US, Mexico, and Canada. 1 Nation, unfortunately, not under God.

  2. You’re right… We can do and build anything we want, the key word is want… Alot of people do not know or believe this NAFTA, North American Union conspiracy, but here in Texas, we are starting to see the effects of this grand plan…

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