Immigration Bill Crushed!

Congratulations goes out to all of us grassroot Americans who stood up and defended our country and way of life… Our voices, blogs, emails and faxes were so loud and clear that the Bill was crushed 46 Yea – 53 Nay…  So loud that the switchboard on Criminal Hill shut down.  What a great moment of democracy!  Our message was so strong and true that some of the amnesty politicians chose to vote “no” this time.  We must take this moment and appreciate it… However, now that we have their attention, we must keep focused and prepare for the next battle. There is a new battle on the horizon and it’s moving quickly… The Dems are looking to reinstate the unconstitutional Fairness Doctrine.  They want to shut us down entirely… However, I am going to cherish this moment and tackle this issue another day.  Great job everyone, we all should be proud in our defense of our country!  What a great way to go into Independance Day, huh, Independance Day, has a nice ring to it…


 One more thing… Today, after spending three decades in recovery, our nation’s symbol, our majestic bald eagle was removed from the endangered species list.  Another great accomplishment for our country…  Wow, amnesty defeated, our nation’s symbol revitalized and Independance Day approaching…, it’s going to be a good week America!


~ by bohography on June 29, 2007.

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