The Unknown Heroes…

When news media reports about the War on   Terrorism, Americans will here about brave and heroic Soldiers and Marines protecting our freedoms…  Any positive coverage is great morale boosters for our men and women sacrificing their lives for us.  However, I would like to shine the spotlight on another group of heroes you may not be aware of… When the average American thinks of the U.S. Air Force, they think of pilots who fly fighter jets, bombers or cargo aircrafts… But there are also “foot soldiers” in the Air Force who are fighting side by side with our Soldiers and Marines… These men and women are the United States Air Force Security Forces, Pararescue and Combat Controllers.  These brave men and women have an intricate part in this fight.  Most Americans do not know about the 820th Security Forces Sqaudron out of Moody AFB, Georgia.  This elite Security Forces Squadron were one of the first “boots on the ground” when we first invaded Iraq. In fact, they parachuted into Iraq with the U.S. Army, behind enemy lines… Today, Air Force Security Forces are operating along side of the Army, conducting convoys, sweeping buildings and using their top notch K-9 units to sniff out explosives.  Pararescuers are one of the best, if a helicopter goes down, these are the guys you want to rescue you. They have combat rescue down to a science!  Combat Controllers, this elite unit provides multiple missions.  They establish airfields behind enemy lines in short time; they will also locate an enemy target on the ground and call in accurate airstrikes.  These Air Force units play a vital role in our efforts to preserve freedom.  So the next time you hear about our troops over there, just remember all the troops, Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines who have put their lives on hold, so that we may continue ours…     


~ by bohography on June 30, 2007.

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