Independence Day; A Day Off to Celebrate?

As we will enjoy a break from the daily grind and spend time with loved ones, will we stop for a moment and reflect?  A simple break in time to reflect on our nation’s birthday.  A short pause in our busy lives to celebrate our independence.  A slight delay in our routines to cherish our freedom…  What does this day mean to us?  Do we celebrate a day off or do we celebrate our Declaration of Independence… If we do take the time to celebrate our Independence in 1776, will we appreciate our freedom in 2007?  From the American Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism; American blood has spilled throughout our homeland and foreign lands all over the world, so that we are free.  From the first war to today’s war, the military uniform has changed, weaponry is state of the art and our reach is global.  But the one thing that has remained the same is the heart of the American soldier…  Throughout our history, the military has always been there standing guard, remaining vigilant, preserving our freedoms…  So I ask you, on our nation’s birthday, our celebration of freedom, will you take a timeout for a moment, just a moment and appreciate what we take for granted everyday?  Will we appreciate our nation’s symbols; the Statue of Liberty, our bald eagle and of course, our most treasured symbol, our symbol that has been here from the beginning.., Old Glory.  So I ask you again…  Will you pause, take a deep breath of freedom, be thankful that you’re American, whisper a “thank you” to our military, and proudly wave Old Glory for everyone to see…?  Will you take a timeout…, will you be a patriot?            


~ by bohography on July 3, 2007.

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