McCain on the Ropes…

There’s a major shake up on the horizon for Shamnesty McCain’s presidential bid… If you recall about 1 month ago, Bohography made this exact prediction. Now it seems the tidal wave is quickly approaching.  Latest reports say that Shamnesty is going to completely overhaul his presidential campaign staff and refocus his efforts. Sounds like a repeat of 2000? So, what will be one of the first things that McCain will do to rev up more support.  He will be going overseas to visit the troops…  Now let me make this clear, I think that any politician that will go into a war zone and show their suport for the troops is a great morale booster for our heroes and McCain is a hero himself!  But this does make me wonder, why now?  Is this trip completely an honest trip for the troops, or is this a page out of the politician playbook?  Listen, you will never here me question McCain’s patriotism, but I can’t help but think that McCain might be using this opportunity to help raise his dropping poll numbers.  However, poll numbers are not his immediate problem, money is.  McCain is going to “let go” 50 members of his campaign staff and ask others to volunteer, instead of drawing a salary.  Recent reports show McCain trailing behind Gulliani and Romney in fundraising efforts.  Latest polls show McCain running third and some fourth behind Fred Thompson.  However, despite this ongoing problem, McCain says he will not change the direction of his campaign… Will someone advise Shamnesty that his direction and ideas is what put him in this position in the first place.  This ain’t rocket science John, you went against 88% of Americans with your Kennedy amnesty bill, you chose to awaken a sleeping giant, and now your dreams of becoming the next President will never come true… So do us all a favor and pack it in… Oh, and try not to use your staff members as a scapegoat for your failures, because we’ll be watching…    


~ by bohography on July 3, 2007.

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