Commute Agents Compean & Ramos!

Thanks to President Bush’s commute, Scooter Libby is a free man and will not serve the 30 month sentence that was handed down to him…  Now will the President do the right thing and commute Border Patrol Agents, Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos?  The question is, if the President can commute Scooter Libby, shouldn’t he commute these two brave men who were doing their jobs by defending our borders?  If you want my honest opinion, I think it is sad that we are asking for a commute, instead of a presidential pardon…  Compean and Ramos was doomed from the beginning, because of a rogue prosecutor, Johnny Sutton. 

You see, Sutton is an open border kind of guy and he has destroyed the lives of two American defenders and their families for political vengeance.  From the start, Johnny Sutton wanted so much to make an example of Compean and Ramos that he granted full immunity to a known drug smuggler, who was armed and in possession of 700lbs of marijuana.  Johnny Sutton granted full immunity to an illegal alien, a criminal who is pipelining drugs into our American schools and in the hands of our kids, while Agents Compean and Ramos will miss at least 10-12 years of their children’s lives, because a dangerous, border jumping, drug trafficking, illegal immigrant was shot in the buttocks!  This no good, waste of a life criminal was shot because Agent Ramos thought he saw a weapon in his hand… Now those of us who are trained in law enforcement type duties, know that there is no time for hesitation, if you hesitate you’re dead!  But this didn’t matter to Johnny Sutton, a person who has aided and abetted a criminal who still is free to continue criminal activities. 

Latest reports say that Agents Compean and Ramos are still in solitary confinement.  They’re not in solitary confinement because of bad behavior, but for the simple fact that they have been severely beaten by illegal immigrants housed in the same prison.  Reports also say that Agent Ramos has lost 30-50lbs since being incarcerated.  This is an outrage and it doesn’t make sense!  Scooter Libby was freed because the time didn’t fit the crime and it would have been traumatic on his family…  How do you think the families of these two heroes feel?  What about their children knowing that their hero and protector is suffering and rotting away in a prison?  Is up to 20 years in prison a fair sentence for shooting someone in the butt?  Child molesters don’t even receive this kind of punishment.  I cannot believe that our government will turn their back on two Agents that were poorly paid to defend our country…  Now what Mr. President?  Are you going to sit back and allow this to happen?  Is this some sort of sick retribution because your amnesty bill was thrown back in your face?  Why was crucial evidence sealed and withheld from the jury Mr. President?  Are you afraid that you might upset 12 million illegal aliens?  Your stance on this case will set the tone for all future Border Agents and how they operate.  How are Border Agents supposed to do their jobs if they know that there President does not support their mission?  Do you not think our Border Agents are now going to hesitate, possibly at the cost of their lives, because they’re afraid that the Johnny Suttons of the world will destroy their lives?  How can you ignore the fact that Agents Compean and Ramos were convicted by a testimony of a convicted drug trafficker?  Is a criminal’s testimony more credible than the federal agents?  Once again you have put an illegal immigrant before an American!  It was so easy for you to commute Scooter Libby, so now commute Agents Compean and Ramos!  You don’t even have to pardon them, just spare their lives… I promise they will not shoot another border jumping-drug trafficking-illegal alien in the buttcheek again…

Go to the links below to hear the truth about this case and tell me what you think… 

~ by bohography on July 5, 2007.

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