U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton Accused Of A Cover Up

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton gave immunity to a drug a smuggler and multi-murderer…  If this is true, then Sutton will have blood on his hands and it will show.  This is the latest in an intertwining cover up that might lead all the way to Washington D.C.  I encourage you to read this article and get onboard to free Border Agents Compean and Ramos… 

A recently retired, high-ranking DEA official is calling on Congress to investigate the role played by a U.S. Attorney in the cover-up of an informant’s participation in mass murder in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

The DEA official, Sandalio Gonzalez, is pointing the finger squarely at Johnny Sutton, the U.S. Attorney in San Antonio, Texas. He claims that had Sutton taken action sooner in the case, more than a dozen people might still be alive today. As a result, Gonzalez says Congress must act now to get to the bottom of what Sutton knew, and when he knew it.

“Unless some Congressional committee subpoenas Sutton to answer questions about this, the cover-up will continue,” Gonzalez said, in an exclusive interview with Narco News.

According to Gonzalez, who, until January of this year, served as special agent in charge of the DEA’s El Paso field office, Sutton was clearly aware of the informant’s participation in the murders by at least Feb. 24, 2004. That’s when Gonzalez fired off a letter to Sutton blowing the whistle on the informant’s role in the murders.

Law enforcement sources familiar with the case also have revealed to Narco News that federal agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), working closely with Assistant U.S. Attorney Juanita Fielden, who is under Sutton’s charge, allegedly went to great lengths to conceal the informant’s complicity in the murders.

Specifically, the sources allege that documents related to the case were shredded once the media first began to pick up on the story in the spring of 2004. They also claim that the informant was moved about frequently, in part, to keep other federal agencies, such as the DEA, from gaining access to him. A high-level supervisor with the El Paso ICE field office also allegedly ordered members of his staff not to cooperate with federal agencies who might be investigating the informant’s role in the murders, the sources say.

In addition, the sources contend another high-level supervisor with the ICE field office in El Paso allegedly paid the informant “hush” money – supposedly $50,000 or more. The sources claim that in order to conceal the payoff, it was made to look like a payment to another informant – one who was already dead, killed by narco-traffickers in Mexico after they discovered he was a snitch.

As startling as these charges may seem, Gonzalez’ claims of a cover-up in this case cannot be taken lightly. That is why he has stepped forward for the first time to comment publicly on the case.

Gonzalez, a 26-year veteran of DEA, has stellar track record with the agency, which is part of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Previous to his post in El Paso, Gonzalez served as associate special agent in charge of DEA’s Miami Field Division. Prior to that, he oversaw DEA’s South American operations as chief of the South American Section in the Office of International Operations.

Sutton, however, was seemingly not impressed with Gonzalez’ background, or at least did not feel compelled to meet with him once he received the letter. Instead, Sutton’s reaction was to reach out to his high-level contacts within the DOJ in Washington, D.C., to bring pressure to bear on Gonzalez, to shut him up and to ensure the letter was buried.

“When a U.S. Attorney gets a letter from another senior government official in DOJ, and his first reaction is to go after that official behind his back instead of looking at the issues, that is suspect,” Gonzalez told Narco News. “If he was on the up and up, he should have at least called me to set up a meeting with me.

“Instead he goes behind my back to DOJ to complain. This is indicative of the way the government works against all whistleblowers. When they go against the grain, no matter how right they are, the government goes after them. The record is rather clear on this.”

Learn more here http://www.narconews.com/Issue38/article1374.html 

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