Left Behind…

Do you know who the first Americans were?  Do you know who today, makes up only 1% of our population?  Do you know who has been forgotten and has slipped through the cracks of our society?  I’ll tell you… They are our first Americans, they are Native Americans, they are the Forgotten Race.  So why have they been left behind?  The truth is Native Americans or American Indians have always lived quietly to themselves, not bothering anyone, not complaining to the media, but just living and raising their families.  They do not look for trouble, so trouble doesn’t find them.  All they’ve ever wanted is to enjoy the land they’ve rightfully claimed and to love mother earth.  So why has our society forgotten about these honest and intriguing people? 

Here’s the reality… As mentioned before, Native Americans only make up about 1% of our population, therefore our government really doesn’t have to pander to them, like they do with illegal immigrants.  Politicians really don’t have to seek out their support for a nomination, because there’s not enough of them.  “Oh but they have those casinos, so what’s the issue?”  The issue is that those casinos are the only true means for Native Americans to support their entire group, their cause and their land.  Some Native Americans are the poorest of the poor.  So why doesn’t the government help them instead of continuously trying to take their land?  One answer, politics, politics, and politics!  Actually, dirty politics! 

Every time I see a celebrity on TV helping and giving money to povern countries, I always think, why can’t they just take a drive here and have a look at the terrible conditions our Native Americans are living in…  Oh, I know why, because it’s not popular, it’s not the “in thing to do”.  

Here’s the bottom line…  The Native Americans in our country had it and still to this day have it worse than white, black and hispanic Americans period!  Yes, I know that black Americans also were tormented and suffered a great deal, but Native Americans without question, have suffered overall far greater than anyone else, it has been documented and it is factual…  

So, since all of the Ted Kennedys of the world have such a big heart for the illegal criminals in our country, why don’t you poor your heart out to our LEGAL first Americans who obey the law, never complain, never ask for handouts, never can be heard because of the other race’s demands, but just quietly live their lives in tremendous poverty…  Oh, I just remembered, you can’t do that because you need those 12 million votes! 

We should be ashamed… 


~ by bohography on July 12, 2007.

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