Major Terror Threats On The Horizon

This is a wake up call for complacent Americans…  Now is the time to put aside our political views and get on board together.  We must understand that no matter how much our opinions differ about the war, about immigration or if you believe the War on Terrorism is just a slogan, as some politicians have claimed.  The simple fact is that many terrorism experts, including Michael “My Tummy Hurts” Chertoff are predicting that a major terrorist attack is looming.  However, the events leading up to 9/11 and what the intelligence shows today have some differences.  Today experts say that the “chatter” from al-Qaida is far greater than the data and “chatter” prior to 9/11.  Another difference is, instead of using our airplanes, experts are saying that a nuclear attack (dirty bomb) could be likely and more catostrophic.  Will it be too late?  Will we let our political beliefs keep us from uniting and facing these threats as one nation?  Or will we, the sleeping giant, rise up like we did on that September day?    

I recommend that you read this article on what the experts are predicting… 

~ by bohography on July 16, 2007.

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