Harry Reid & Friends Have A Sleep Over

Senate Democrats are holding a mandatory all-nighter in the hopes to add pressure on the President’s administration and Republicans in general to withdraw our troops and surrender to terrorists. 

The organizer of this great bunking party, Harry Reid told reporters, “I think that the American people deserve what we’re doing and that is focusing attention every minute of the day on what is going wrong in Iraq…” 

He thinks we “deserve” what they are doing?  So we deserve for you to waste time telling us that the war is lost, to pull the rug out from under our troops, and cowering down to Islamic Jihadists, while sending a message to the Middle East that we can’t take it and we’re given up?

Reid:  “Focusing attention every minute of the day?”  Do you see this?  He’s admitting that the liberals are micro-managing the war from behind their desk.  It’s bad enough that they’re micro-managing, but what’s worse is that the military has been micro-managed by a guy who has no military experience whatsoever, any, zip, zilch, zero, none!  I bet the military just loves that… 

Reid:  “On what is going wrong in Iraq?”  That says it all.  The propaganda machine at work!  Once the polls started to drop with this war, the Dems latched on and are continuously exploiting the division in this country, which they created.  They want the war to go wrong, they want us to loose and the “we’re doing this to protect the troops” line is a complete and total lie.  They are dangling our troops and their sacrifices in front of the American public to gain sympathy for their road to the White House tour.

What’s sad is that the puppets of Moveon have already admitted that they will not be able to pass their war amendment, because they don’t have enough votes.  So, why are we having this bunking party again?  Oh, that’s right, because this is another propaganda ploy to keep the bad news of the war in front of the publics face and keep the progress of the surge out.  Hmmm, the surge is making good progress, and Harry Reid initiates a all-nighter to talk about all of the bad things about the war for the public to see?  What happen to “trust the Generals”, Harry?

But yet again, Harry Reid will have this all-nighter in attempt to tire the Republicans to vote his way.  Yet again, the democrats show just how weak they are and how relentless they’ll remain in their pursuit of finding faults with our fighting military. 

So go ahead and have your little sleep over, go ahead and throw your tantrums, go ahead and undermine our troops, and find all the things wrong and nothing right with this war, because at the end of the day, no matter how bad you think the President is, the polls say your even worse Mr. Reid! 

One more thing for the Majority Incompetent Leader… When all the troops come home and we have another terrorist attack, what are going to do?  What’s your plans?  You do have a plan right?  No, not blaming the President, but a real plan of action, with the keyword being action.  Just asking, because I don’t think even Moveon will be able to bail you out of that one…    


~ by bohography on July 17, 2007.

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