Tancredo’s Deterrent For Terrorists With Nukes

Before Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado jumped into the presidential race, he was commenting about how the U.S. should threaten to bomb Mecca (holy site) if Islamic terrorists were to utilize a nuclear weapon in our homeland.

Tancredo told Fox News back in 2005, [If this happens, and if, in fact, we can prove that it was perpetrated by some fundamentalist Islamic – ‘Islamo-fascist’ is really I think what we should call them – then you might think about this as a threat, the retaliation on their holy sites. We are talking about a situation where our very lives are at stake, not just the life of the United States, but of Western civilization.]

Today, the presidential hopeful is standing by his previous statement… Tancredo told an Iowa audience yesterday, that if he became president, he would maintain this same position. Read more here

What are your thoughts on Tancredo’s position? For me, I happen to agree with this angle of deterrent. First, we must understand that terrorists are actively pursuing the nuclear option. We must also recognize that Islamic extremists could already be in possession of weapons of mass destruction and they’re in their planning stages, waiting patiently for the green light.

So what do we do? Are we going to be like Barrack Obama and try negotiating with terrorists who wants to wipe us out? Fat chance that will work. Obama’s no experience credentials will bring more harm to our country’s future, some might argue it could be worse than Jimmy Carter’s spineless policy. We need to take a stronger stance and when it comes to terrorists wanting to bomb our cities with a nuclear weapon, we must be cold hearted in our response. No I’m not a war-monger, but this is no time to play patty-cake with these killers. Americans must be willing to get down in the dirt and fight fire with fire.

Terrorists communicate only through violence. There’s no peace talks here, they must understand that if there is any indication of a plot to kill Americans in our homeland, then we will take out their holy sites and anything in between. We are talking about a possibility of millions of Americans being killed by one weapon! Most will die from the initial blast radius, while others will suffer through a slow, drawn out death from radiation exposure. Again, that’s just one weapon!

Remember 9/11? Almost the same amount of Americans died on that one day, as did the American deaths in four years with the War on Terrorism. One day, that’s all they need… And we all know that the terrorists will have no problem sneaking the weapon into our country.

So the bottom line is, we must do whatever we must do to deter, prevent and intervene any possibility that would bring death and destruction to our country and our people. If it means threatening to wipe out holy sites to prevent future violence, then we do it! However, Americans must be able to stomach the fact that we might have to get a little dirty to preserve our future and freedoms.

Times have changed, our enemy has changed, so our tactics must change to thwart any desire of mass killings. Deterrent can be a vital tactic, but we have to be clear to our enemy that it’s not just a threat, but a warranted reality if called upon. Remember, they only need one day to disrupt, if not destroy our future as Americans…, just one day.

~ by bohography on August 2, 2007.

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