The Daily Kos Clowns Predictably Blame Bush…, Again

Well, we knew it was just a matter of time before some far left-minded, clueless, thumbsucker would blame President Bush for the tragic bridge collapse in Minnesota… This antic has become so predictable for level-headed Americans who can distinguish between fantasy and reality. The author of this Bush bashing article calls itself Meteor Blades? I wonder if he’s waiting for E.T. to return and take him home? Either that or he’s watched the Armageddon movie too many times…

So what’s the count up to? You know the count on how many disasters the President has conspired in to bring death and destruction to us. Let’s see, there’s Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, Global Warming and now the Bridge Collapse? No, there’s one more that’s missing…, oh of course, 9/11! I’m sure there’s more out there, but it’s hard to keep up with them all.

I’m trying to be professional here, but I have to say that the far-lefties at the Daily Clowns website are simply stupid. Yes, stupid, ignorant, clueless and out of touch with reality! They have no sense of logic or reasoning. Let me be a little blunt here, I can assure you that President Bush did not steer Hurricane Katrina towards New Orleans and lock down the city, so that people could not evacuate! He does not posses those abilities. Everyone in the world knew that a Major Hurricane was heading to the Gulf Coast, so if you are really wanting to blame someone for the Katrina tragedy, why don’t you start with the great Mayor, Ray Nagen, and while you’re at it, throw Gov. Blanco in as well. Oh, you can’t do that, they’re on your side, that wouldn’t be good for your party, to go against your own. Even though they had ample amount of time and transportation to rescue their people. Instead, they left them behind to fend for themselves, while they were hunkered down, safely out of Katrina’s path!

What about 9/11? Which conspiracy do you believe? Was it the missiles that Bush used? Or perhaps the controlled demolition? Or maybe it’s the ultimate Bush-Bin Laden plan that you fantasize about? And just to let you know, yes steel can actually melt… Now, if you believe in Global Warming, which my gut tells me you do…, did Global Warming just all of the sudden start up when Bush took office? Why about your boys Bill and Al? Where were those ever so-important carbon deposits then? Where was the inconvenient truth? And yet, I’m still waiting for them to ride their bicycles… If there is Global Warming, then all of us, past and present are to blame, so how about you spread some of your bashing around for all to enjoy.

Iraq? Well that’s an easy one, right? Let’s all jump on that bandwagon shall we? You know and I know that if the poll numbers were different you would be out of business, you would have nowhere to conger up your water cooler tantrums! But unlike you, there are many of us who see the big picture and are willing to stick it out for the long haul. Of course it’s ugly, but here’s some free advice for your future anti-war cries…, every war is ugly, it’s called war for a reason, so while your sipping the kool-aid, be thankful that there are people that will protect arm-chair quarterbacks like you! But, you’ll come back to reality if another terrorist attack happens. It’s pretty sad, but it’s a natural response for people who do not posses a backbone. One more thing on Iraq that you cowards tend to forget… Every politician, including the previous administration, had access to the same intelligence that President Bush did. So while your cowardly representatives continue to flip-flop, dance around the issues, while driving the bandwagon; Bush has stood strong on what he truly believes to be a critical time for our country. Disagreeing with him is fine, because the soldiers who you undermine has shed their blood for to have that right. Just don’t forget to throw your comrades under the bus as well.

I could go on and on about how these ignorant off-springs of Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell will do anything to get attention, so that they can undermine our country and our troops to hijack political opinion just to win elections, but I’ll stop for now. But before I release you Daily Clowns out for recess, I have just one more thought… Instead of immediately blaming Bush for the bridge collapse, while bodies are being pulled out of the water, why don’t you ask the families who’s at fault for this tragedy? Just a hunch, but I don’t think the President will be at the top of the list…

~ by bohography on August 2, 2007.

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