The Divided States Of America; Part 2

We are in America right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but our common national language is English and in the majority of the states, the English language is the official language… So tell me why we cater to the Spanish language? Why are we so worried about hurting feelings?

Today, American-English speaking school kids at some point will receive a class or two for Spanish. For what reason? Don’t tell me because they will have a brighter future by becoming bilingual. If your kids are going to be successful, it’s not because they can habla. If your child wants to become a teacher, they don’t need to learn Spanish, unless there going to live in a country where the national language there is Spanish. If your child wants to run a business here in America, then the Spanish speaking employees should learn English, it’s that simple. It’s called assimilation! If your child works with a company that does a lot of business overseas, do you think knowing Spanish is going to help? No, not really… Here’s a hint, the majority of businesses overseas do not speak Spanish. And even if they could speak Spanish, it won’t help them in Japan, China, Germany, The Middle East or Russia…, get the picture? So if we truly want our children to be successful, then they should learn about 5 different languages, with Spanish being at the bottom of the list. I can understand learning a different language if you leave in a foreign country that does not speak the English language, but if you live in America, and you work in America, then there is no need to learn Spanish, period!

Do you not see what’s happening here? We are accommodating a foreign language to thrive in our country. We are giving in to immigrants who refuse to acknowledge our language and our way of life. This is ridiculous! We are molding our schools, communities and our country to assimilate to the Spanish language. Instead, we should demand that any person who comes to this country will assimilate as required, no questions. Why is this so difficult? The fact is, there are weak Americans out there who are afraid that they may offend someone. How are you being offensive if you say that we speak English here in America, so you’ll need to learn it if you want to progress?

Could you see Americans migrating to Mexico to live and work there, refusing to learn Spanish? Do you think Mexico would accommodate the English language like we do with the Spanish language? Not hardly! But here in America, we see signs all over the place in Spanish, we have to press 1 for English and press 2 for Spanish. We have to use sign language to order a hamburger, because of the language barrier. We can have Spanish only businesses here in America, but heaven help us if we have a business that is strictly English, our national language! Can’t do that, we might just get sued or at the very least be labeled bigots! This is hypocrisy and pandering at it’s best!

Ahhh yes, playing the old race card, of course, what else would you expect from ignorance? If all else fails, let’s call Americans who are vocal about these issues, bigots or racist… Well if your going to call Americans bigots, then you will have to include some of your own people who came here, assimilated and are proud to speak English and live out their American dream. It’s funny that most LEGAL immigrants have no problem wanting to assimilate as required. But when you talk about the trespassers, the criminals, also known as illegal immigrants, they don’t believe they need to assimilate. And why should they if our country continues to cater to them? Would you?

Here’s a thought… Since most of the politicians agree that all people in this country should speak the English language, since the English language is our nation’s common language and since the majority of states have made English the official language, then we should take steps to enforce it. I mean, are we going to wait for congress to help? It sure won’t be big businesses, they don’t want to ruin their fat pockets… So it’s up to us, you and me, Americans, LEGAL Americans to draw the line in the sand and move to protect our nation’s language…

First, stop teaching Spanish to our kids, instead teach English to everyone. Not a hard fix, since studies show that the bilingual effort has failed anyway. Second, start phasing out all signs that are not English only. If someone who cannot read English has the ability to drive down the interstate and understand what exit to take, then they can understand other English signs. All the important signs are on the driver’s test, they can understand those, why can’t they learn more? Third, get rid of media outlets that promote Spanish only, encouraging the Spanish language and disregarding the nation’s language from which they broadcast. If non-English speaking people can go to the movies that are in English, then they can watch and listen to media in English.

If we do away with all of this catering to the Spanish language, then there will be no choice but to assimilate properly as an American. Because at the end of the day, that’s what they want, right, to become an American? Or are we just being used.

Little by little the language issue is driving a wedge deeper into our country, dividing us further apart. There is no room for two languages, there is no room for catering, and there is no room for people that come into our country and demand that we bow down to them and their needs. It’s a simple concept, if you want to come here, then you will transition to the American culture, if you refuse, then you will get left behind while we continue to grow and prosper…

Look for the Divided States of America; Part 3 – “The Sissification of America”

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~ by bohography on August 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Divided States Of America; Part 2”

  1. Great point bohography, I work with Mexicans and you would not believe how hard it is for me to make them understand. Example: One of them came to me on Monday and was confused about having to pay personal property taxes on his truck ( which he took to Mexico ). How I finally got through to him was when I told him if he did not pay the taxes, the state would take his state taxes for the personal property taxes he owed. Needles to say he gave me the money and ask me to pay them for him!!! He understood real quick when he thought he was not going to get state taxes back.

  2. That’s right, they can speak and understand English better than they lead us to believe. Law enforcement has to deal with this all the time. It funny how fast they’ll understand English if they get caught up in a situation. Either that or they try to get out of certain circumstances by saying they don’t speak English, so all should be forgiven…


  3. I KNOW!!! I HEAR YOU!! It is everywhere and NOWHERE, & IT DOES NOT WORK! I am so sick of this! I just wrote a little TID BIT on just this thing. So, come on over& see my little mexican RANT if you would like.
    We should be MAD AS HELL Americans!
    I am SICK of this MULTI- JUNK!

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