Illegal Arrested 4 Different Times, Kills Young Girl!

If you are pro-illegal then I recommend that you do not continue reading this post, because this might hurt! I will do my best to keep it clean, but my blood is boiling as I write this…

I am freaking fed up with the lack of concern from our local, state and federal officials on the illegal immigration problem! Yes this is another post on illegal immigration. I do not know how many different ways I can point out and say how illegal aliens are destroying American lives and our country as a whole. I hope this will help those who have faded from this issue of priority…

A young 15 year old girl from Texas was found raped and murdered in Portland, Oregon. Portland area police have arrested and charged Alejandro Emeterio “Alex” Rivera Gamboa and his cousin Gilberto Javier “Gabe” Arellano Gamboa for this despicable crime. [Read report here]

Now if that’s not sick enough, here’s the kicker… You guessed it! Both Rivera Gamboa and Arellano Gamboa, confessed that they entered our country illegally from Mexico. Here’s some more salt to pour on the wound…, before this terrible crime, Rivera Gamboa had been arrested four different times for drunk driving. FOUR TIMES!!! Officials had not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR different chances to deport this no good, scum of the earth, illegal! Yet, once again they have failed to protect another American child!

Immigration officials stated that ‘if Rivera Gamboa’s illegal status was known at the time of his earlier arrests, it is likely, but not certain, that he would have been deported.” Not certain? Not certain? Am I missing something here from this moron? Obviously these immigration officials need to go back to the academy and learn the laws. The federal statute specifically says that a person or persons who came into our country, our sovereign country, by illegal entry shall be deported immediately.

This is what immigration officials should have said… [Due to our lack of knowledge and effort to thwart illegal immigration in our sovereign country and due to the federal government not allowing local and state officials to ask suspects if they are legal or illegal, another American child has been raped and murdered…, if the federal government was really interested in protecting our fellow Americans, then we would have deported this illegal drunk after his first arrest. However, we as the federal government are more concerned about the welfare of undocumented Americans, uh, I mean illegal immigrants, therefore Americans are on the back burner and will continue to die.]

This case further shows the huge gap between local, state and federal agencies when enforcing immigration laws. Most police departments are not allowed to inquire about a person’s status. And now, the mentality of the police is that it’s none of their business whether or not a person is an illegal immigrant. Most state laws prohibit local police from searching out illegal aliens who are not under investigation. What a major disconnect! It is shameful that our agencies would dangle American lives over this ignorant hissy fit! Furthermore more, local officials (like the Dallas Police Dept), that are given the extra step to investigate illegal immigrants, refuse to do it! It’s too time consuming, too much paperwork and too boring, so they usually steer clear of pursuing illegals. I thought it was part of their job, to protect and serve, or is it protect and serve when I want to?

Speaking of ignorance… The case about this young, innocent girl from TEXAS, was not covered by the Dallas Morning News, not even the back page! Instead, The Dallas Morning News and The Star Telegram reported on how illegals would suffer from stronger enforcement of immigration laws. They wrote a freaking sympathy page for these criminals, can you believe that! I can, the Dallas Morning News and The Star Telegram are ignorant, weak, idiotic, appeasing, defeatist, left swinging newspapers who don’t give a damn about LEGAL Americans, especially those who want to enforce American laws!

If the federal government refuses to enforce the laws completely and local police are not allowed to ask a simple question, because we might hurt someone’s little feelings, then what do we do? How much are we going to tolerate? Why do we always wait until something major happens before we react? If I were in charge, I would have all agencies, and I mean all, enforce every immigration law on the books to the tee. This ain’t rocket science here, just do it! Oh I forgot, we have a pansy-waist lawyer as the Secretary of Homeland Security, what do you expect, what a moron!

I say we need to be aggressive… I think police should ask everyone they pull over if there legal or illegal, period! It’s not difficult, if a person is driving a car with just an ID card, then you now have “probable cause” to further investigate. At minimum, you caught a person who is driving without a license. Call it what you want, but if your legal and you have done nothing wrong, then quit your whining and suck it up! I would be more than happy to see an officer pull me over to make sure I’m a legal American, I think I can handle 10 minutes out of my day to help law enforcement root out any illegal immigrants in the area. I know, your civil rights will be trampled on, I know it’s so terrible to be pulled over when you have done nothing wrong, it’s so inconvenient for us isn’t it? But, if it means getting a grasp on this huge problem and possibly sparing the lives of my fellow Americans, then I think I can tolerate a little detour in my daily routine…

We have to do something, because it seems like we’re doing nothing. If you have a better idea to solve this ongoing problem, then please let me know, I am all ears… But just remember, freedom is never free!

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~ by bohography on August 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Illegal Arrested 4 Different Times, Kills Young Girl!”

  1. I’m with you, brother. I used to have a more liberal view of the situation, but I’ve given this a LOT of thought over the past few years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that illegal immigration into the US is the single biggest challenge to our country. Left unchecked, I truly believe that the strain on our infrastructure and institutions could actually bring this country to its knees. The disparity in treatment (of aliens vs legal citizens) only adds gasoline to an already burning fire. Yet our politicians continue to stick their heads in the sand and ignore it, marginalize it, or defend the “rights” of the illegals.

    Here’s what we need to do – 1.) finish building that damn fence along the border. 2.) Start mandating identification and validating the authenticity of it for people requesting social services. 3.) Law enforcement at ALL levels MUST verify the status of ALL people taken into custody. 4.) DEPORT those found to be here illegally – yeah, it’s gonna be painful and politically incorrect, but THEY are the ones who committed the criminal act to begin with. Lastly, start imposing HUGE fines to any and all employers who hire undocumented or improperly documented workers.

    We need to make this country an inhospitable environment to those who would flaunt our immigration laws, before it’s too late for all of us.

  2. AMEN! I enjoyed reading your reply, it’s nice to hear from people who might be more liberal on these issues to recognize the insanity and stand up to speak the truth. Very detailed and informative…

    Thanks for stopping by…


  3. Well I was one the so called illegal aliens and find life here okay so I’ve decided to stay, I’ve worked the system and obviously took advantage of the loopholes. Now i’ve helped as many relatives as possible (i.e those who bother to come). This land is far from full and you ancestors gatecrashed here and in the same tradition we do likewise. The immigration requirements are rigged against us to begin with anyway. I however agree that any immigrant convicted of a serious offense should be deported.

  4. This is an outrage…people are being killed, raped, having their jobs taken away by these illegals. Hold the Presidential candidates feet to the flames on this one! In my state (Jersey) 3 kids minding their own business were shot and killed, and one is desperately clinging to life, all because in this stupid state illegals seem to matter more than people who are born here. I hope that this case changes that, but why did three good kids have to die for action against illegals committing crimes, and why are the criminal illegals being protected at the expense of our kids? It makes my blood boil. This piece of shit was accused of raping a child, and he is out on bail? They never checked his immigration status? What is wrong with this picture?? Write letters, take actions, do what you can to change this. Don’t be silent. I used to feel safe in my community, which is upscale, but now illegals are all over the place, and if I go to NYC I make sure that I come home before dark, because these illegals are free to go anywhere. They ride bikes and walk all over my town, mostly men, but I am feeling more like a prisoner in my own state, thanks to New Jersey being much too liberal on immigration. These illegals whistle at me and make sexual comments in Spanish when I am walking to the store alone, how can I feel safe? It’s just a shame what they have been allowed to do to our country!! They are taking over! Take action!!

  5. In the first place what all of you are saying is that any illegal alien that comes into the country illegally is a murder oh please give me a break!!!!! Just because an illegal alien killed this young girl does not mean that all illegal aliens are criminals. What i do understand is that this person should pe punished by the law but please look at this as any human being do not put emphasis just because he is an illegal alien. I am tired of hearing this. Stop making excuses people, anybody can kill. Everyone who is saying this kind on nonsense is not thinking at all we ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS TO THIS COUNTRY have any of you read histrory!!!!!!! Another thing stop thinking so much about illegal people we are all human beings we are all free to go anywhere we want too put your mind into something more useful like solving our problems here like drugs, education, terrorism, focus on things that are smart not stupid things like illegal aliens what the hell are they doing to you are they taking your job are they in a higher status then you are all of you are just afraid. Everybody no matter what race your are illeagal status is at risk. But like i said dont get me wrong this persons should be charge for this murder and a heavy charge but do not emphasize illegal immigrant. Educate yourselves before speaking. What is that nonsense lady that you get home before dark because all ilegal aliens are out at night lady get your facts straight anybody can do what they please with you anybody any race.

  6. Lulu,

    Thank you for your reply, but as you probably would guess, I strongly disagree with your inaccurate statement… Let’s clarify some things shall we? 1) When a person sneaks into a sovereign country, that is illegal, it’s in the U.S. Constitution and technically it’s an act of war! Hints the label illegal alien, illegal means against the law. 2) How does an illegal alien gain employment, gets a checking account or even a driver’s license? Through fake identifications or social security numbers, or another word would be identity theft, which, by the way is a felony. 3) You said “anybody can kill”, I wouldn’t argue about that, but if the illegal aliens were not here, then those who have died at the hands of these criminals would still be alive today! 4) You said “we are all free to go anywhere we want to”, again this is a sovereign country, so no you are wrong to think anyone can just come on in without proper processing. 5) You said, “put your mind into something more useful like solving drugs, education, terrorism”, do you really want me to answer that? Okay, where in the hell do you think the drugs come from? Are you that naive? Oh and just to let you know, the terrorists are aware that our border security is vulnerable and they are using Mexican gangs and drug cartels to sneak WMDs into our country. Oh and the MS-13 gang is the main contributor, and they are here in our country, killing people and the majority of them are illegal aliens!!!

    So I recommend you take your own advise and re-educate yourself to the facts, and one more thing, usually when 80% of the American people want strong enforcement on illegal immigration, then I would take that as a hint that you have no earthly idea what you’re talking about!!!

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