Two Bums Sue Over Cheese And Flowers

Is today’s sensitive man giving the rest of us men a bad wrap? What happen to being a man and not whining and complaining all the time? Do we really need to sue some company every time our feelings are hurt? Well apparently there are sissies out there who have nothing better to do than to file lawsuits and cry all the way to the bank…

McDonald’s Lawsuit:

A man from West Virginia, Jeromy Jackson, is suing McDonald’s for $10 million because the man claimed that he suffered a severe allergic reaction from the cheese on a cheeseburger.

Jackson stated that he ordered two Quarter Pounders without cheese, went home into a dark room and bit into the burger, without checking to make sure the order was correct.

The lawsuit claims that Jackson “was only moments from death” when he arrived at the hospital. Read the full story here…

1-800-Flowers Lawsuit:

A married man named Leroy Greer is suing 1-800 Flowers for $1 million for mistakenly revealing to his wife that he was having an affair. A lawsuit filed this week in a Texas federal court claims that Greer bought the flowers for his girlfriend from 1-800 Flowers and requested that his purchase for his girlfriend would remain private.

The lawsuit further states that 1-800 Flowers sent a thank you card to Greer’s house, which his wife read it. Greer’s wife called the flower company and requested a copy of the receipt from the purchase. As a result of this, Greer’s wife is now seeking $300,000 in a divorce settlement. Read the full story here…

What is happening to our society? Every time you turnaround a no-good bum is suing someone over something! Is this how we handle everything now, in the courts? Let me ask you this…, what idiot who supposedly has severe allergies with diary products doesn’t check the burger before they bite into it? Not to mention, what idiot goes into there house and eats a burger in a dark room? If this sissy really has severe allergies, then don’t you think he would have an Epinephrine Pen with him in case of a bad reaction? I would think that if you could die from cheese and you like to go to McDonald’s, then you either check your food before you eat it or you have an Epinephrine Pen next to your side when you want to eat your burger in the dark!

As for the cheating flower guy…, well as the saying goes, “sucks to be you!” There are two roads this cheating sissy could have taken. The simple is answer is that he should have waited for his divorce to start sending flowers to his mistress. The other answer is he didn’t cover his tracks very well and now that he has been busted, he wants to get paid for his sins. Well now this moron is paying for his sins… But I’m sure he’ll make some money when it’s all is said and done, I mean who cares about embarrassing my wife and kids, as long as I get paid… What a jerk! what goes around, comes around…

We’ve become a country full of sissies, we are so sensitive to everything in our lives. I bet these two bums were babied as kids and never got their hands dirty. Anytime something goes wrong, we are so quick to point fingers and throw blame onto others. How hard is it to check your food to make sure your burger is the way you want it? How hard is it to be faithful to your wife? If you can’t be faithful, can’t you at least wait until your divorce, then you can do whatever you want, however, you rather fulfill your uncontrollable desires no matter who you hurt along the way…

~ by bohography on August 14, 2007.

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