“The Most Trusted Name In News” Conducts Bias Poll

CNN, the Clinton News Network conducted a recent poll which shows 53% of Americans do not trust our military reports about the progress in Iraq, while 72% of Americans will not change their view of the war even if General Petraeus reports that the surge is working and we can win… Read the bias report here.

Something smells a little fishy here… First is the poll question itself. The question does not ask the selected Americans if they believe the surge is improving the situation in Iraq. The question asks are you for or against the war? Now it seems to me that this question is asking simply if you support or oppose. Nowhere does it ask these Americans if they believe their are positive signs from the surge. This is another slanted approach, that attempts to fool the reader.

Now why would the Clinton News Network do such a thing? Well just like all of the left wing media, there’s always an underlining agenda or factor when it comes to reporting the news.

How convenient would it be for the Clinton News Network to hire Vin Gupta’s Opinion Research Corporation to conduct their political polling, a known Hillary Clinton supporter. Cowinkadink? I think not! This must be a big help for Hillary to further deceive the American people, and undermine our troops and their accomplishments.

Now if you are a major news network, “The Most Trusted Name In News,” then why would you lower your standards to sneak in Clinton propaganda? Now I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems to me that having a major lefty news network and a major Hillary Clinton supporter conduct such polls would suggest at the very least that these polls are to provide information that will only conform and advance to the Clinton’s propaganda machine.

Just some more proof that the Democrat, Liberal-lying-losers will stoop to any level and will sneak around our backs to slowly leak their venom into Americans’ minds to turn on our military…

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~ by bohography on August 17, 2007.

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