Texas Town Makes Spanish Official Language!

El Cenizo, a Texas border town has adopted Spanish as the official language. Not only has this U.S. town taken away our national common language, the English language, the community has declared itself as a safe haven for illegal immigrants.

The Mayor of El Cenizo, Rafael Rodriguez stated that the majority of residents of his town only speak spanish, including himself! The distinguished Mayor also is a former trespasser of sovereignty. In 1995, Rodriguez entered America illegally. Mayor Rafael Rodriguez told Reuters that he and most of the town’s residents only speak Spanish. Many are first-generation immigrants, both legal and illegal. Rodriguez himself crossed into the United States illegally from Mexico, but became a U.S. citizen in 1995.

The City Council voted last week to make Spanish, not English, the town’s official language. That means town business will be conducted in Spanish, which then documents will be translated into English for so they can comply with Texas law.

Rodriguez said, “The City Council’s intent was not to usurp English or create divisions, but to make local government more accessible to the town’s residents.”

The Mayor of El Cenizo told Reuters, [What we are looking for is that the people of the community who attend the meetings and who only speak Spanish be able to voice their opinions, the safe haven ordinance forbids city staff, which consists of one employee and two volunteers, from helping the U.S. Border Patrol find illegal immigrants or inquiring about any person’s immigration status. We are not protecting them and neither are we turning them in.] If you are not reporting them, then you are protecting them! If you are cheating on your wife, but nobody knows about it, you’re still cheating on your wife, you goof!

There are approximately 1,000 illegal immigrants who currently reside in this Texas town. 1,000 out of 7,800! The former trespasser of sovereignty, Mayor Rodriguez said that he did not expect any reprisals triggered by the new ordinances?

No reprisals? What rock has this dope been living under? You sneak into our country, you break the laws of a sovereign nation, you take away our nation’s common language, you implement a foreign language as the official language and not to mention you provide a safe haven for fellow law breakers! And you didn’t even take the time to wonder whether or not you would receive any reprisals about your idiotic decision?

At the very least Mr. Mayor, you should use your free ride into our country and to lead your community towards proper assimilation! As the town’s leader, why don’t you learn English, instead of taking the easy way out and creating further division in our communities. You are a Mayor, so act like one a lead your people to learn our way! It’s not the other way around, we DO NOT and WILL NOT assimilate to any other way, but the AMERICAN WAY!!!

Do you see what’s happening here folks? Little by little border towns and other communities are being overrun by illegal immigrants and the Spanish language. Little by little our language, our traditions, our culture, our way of life as we know it, is under attack and what is our government doing about it? Not a damn thing!

Our government is stalling, they are playing games with American people, they don’t care about us, all our government cares about is the almighty dollar! Our politicians are on vacation while fellow Americans continue to be raped, slaughtered, murdered by illegals!

And what is President Bush’s solution to all of this? He actually wants Border Patrol Agents to protect the border and build the fence at the same time! This is not their job, they are sworn to protect the border, they are charged to carry a weapon and defend us, not put on a hard-hat and build for us. Bush is doing this, because he knows this will delay fence construction even longer! The President has no intention to secure our borders, hell he’s in Canada attending a SPP meeting with Canada and Mexico! He’s own state of Texas is currently building a massive trans corridor, a superhighway that will stretch from Mexico, through the U.S. all of the way to Canada! So what is really going on here?

I know one thing, we as the American people cannot wait around for our government to protect us, we must keep up the demand to secure the border! There is a quiet Civil War going on in our country, a Civil War between those who want to take over our land and our American way and those who will defend our country from any invasion that wants to saturate our very land with their own foreign policy!

This is the most important issue of our time, hands down! Illegal immigration goes hand in hand with our fight on terrorism and defending our country. There is no ifs ands or buts about it, we MUST stand strong and be loud in our demands as “We The People.” This is our country, our home, our language and we will protect it from all comers! If you do not like the American Way, then make a U-turn heading southbound!

~ by bohography on August 21, 2007.

7 Responses to “Texas Town Makes Spanish Official Language!”

  1. This is truly entirely too much. It is time for the State of Texas and Washington DC to do something. First and foremost all funding should be halted .. no warning just cut them off entirely. They want to be Mexican, bet they can walk a little ways and be where they belong. Am I in favor of giving America away.. not on your life. Would I ride the wall and attempt to catch illegals … you know I would.. and if the wall isn’t built yet, where do I apply.

    It seems to me that illegals have more rights and benefits than we do. What is the joke.. press 1 for English, if that doesn’t work, hang up and call back when you can press 1 for English.

    Did you see Uncommon Valor.. Blaster’s favorite saying applies here quite well… UN … Believable!!

  2. Isn’t that racist? Whenever we try to make English our official language here in America we get branded racists and xenophobic. This double standard really has gotten ridiculous. If you are an illegal immigrant you can literally get away with (from) murder, rape, drugs, DUI etc… Maybe they will get deported but we all know they will sneak back into America within days…undetected and undocumented. Yet if you are an American citizen don’t you dare even go over the speed limit as you may lose you driving privileges. Yes, everything in America is a “privilege” to Americans but seems to be a “right” for illegals. Things have gotten so messed up that I’m almost only an American, as I’m not quite so proud anymore. The country I love has turned into a country I no longer recognize. I used to think change was good…until now.

  3. devided we will not stand , the war is within we must be united and all be americans ! thats what america .not race against race . english consitution that is american

  4. Is there an Armed Forces recruiting station in this town? Shall we print our money so these townpeople can read it?
    I can only hope that enough “english speakers” raid this town so it can call upon the National Guard for help. What then?

  5. Fence that garbage to the messico side.

  6. It’s too late. We’ve waited too long. When Hillary was in Nevada she stated “Nobody is illegal”. She proved this by signing up illegals to vote. (no I.D. required) She won the state caucus.

  7. Thi si swhat happens when the liberal multiculturalist and big buisness buy polloticians for breakfast. Everyday I feel as if the basic fundamentals of our nation are lsipping further and further away in the name of “homeland security”, “Capitalisim” and “Globalization”. We need to pull all our aid back from the rest of the world and work on ourselfs for a few years (4 or more) and get our heads out of our ass. The sheer hubris that the average american city dweller shows to day is amazing and they are blind to the illegals slowly taking over and refusing to assemilate and then we have to pay to make it easyer for them. No GTFO and come back when your willing to do as americans do.

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