Smokers Losing Liberties; What’s Next?

FORT WORTH, TX- After 18 months of debate, F.W. City Counsel passed (7-2) a smoking ban covering all restaurants in the city. Anti-smoking activists in Fort Worth successfully lobbied for the ban, but walk away a little disappointed. The smoking ban states, beginning Jan 1, 2008, the only public and/or private establishments that may allow smoking are certain bars and bingo halls, that’s it. Anti-smoking activists were pursuing a complete ban across the board, which would only leave smoking for inside a vehicle or in the home.

Now let’s put this into perspective… I am not a smoker, I’ve tried it, but it wasn’t for me. I grew up around smokers and I have seen family members die from cancer caused by smoking. However, I have a tendency to look outside of the box with these type of issues and this is what I mean…

I see this as an Individual Rights issue, selecting certain Americans and taking away their freedoms. Now you could argue the “second-hand smoke” concern and you wouldn’t get much argument from me, except the fact that there are so many conflicting studies. But I do believe, at minimum, it can’t be good depending on the amount of exposure…

This is not about second-hand smoke, this is about our individual freedoms as Americans. Do non-smokers have more rights than smokers? Over 80% of restaurants today are non-smoking establishments. Is 80% not good enough for us? Due to the anti-smoking movement, businesses are falling by the waist side. So I ask again, which group’s rights are more important? The answer is neither, we as Americans are suppose to have equal rights to enjoy. So if we all suppose to have equal rights, why are activists squashing the rights of Americans who smoke?

Most non-smokers cannot stand the smell of smoke while they’re trying to enjoy a nice dinner. I would agree with that, but this is where our rights as an American comes into play. We have the right to choose not to go to an establishment that permits smoking. If we as non-smokers see a sign that says “smoking permitted”, then we can go to the other 80% of restaurants that do not allow smoking.

What about the private business owner’s rights? They have the right to permit or prohibit smoking as they see fit. Do you see what’s happening here? Everyday our rights as citizens continue to shrink. This is getting out of hand due to these “I’m better than you” activist that are trying to saturate our country with their fanatic views. Again, I do not like the smell of smoke, but I also have common sense… I rather make a choice of where to eat dinner than see fellow Americans liberties be taken away.

This is exactly what millions of military personnel have made sacrifices for, the rights of ALL Americans! It is simple, if you do not want to be around smoke when you eat, then choose another location. “But I shouldn’t have to choose.” Well, if you were driving in your car and you can go one-way that is quicker, but dangerous or you can go the safe-way, but a little longer, which way would you go? You would CHOOSE the safe-way, that’s if you use common sense… You see, it’s all about choices, choices for non-smokers and smokers.

These type of activists are the same type of people that will strip the rights of smokers, but get all bent out of shape, because the government wants to wiretap foreign phone calls. Everything is good until these activists feel their rights have been stepped on.

We have some cities in California where barbecuing in your backyard is illegal, the city of Chicago has banned smoking all over the place, and in Hawaii you can’t even smoke in your own home! Do you see the trend here? It’s called Intrusion, big government, the liberalism of America! These activists won’t let non-smokers and smokers have choices, but heaven forbid if we ban a woman’s right to choose. Now that makes a lot of sense! How about we ban Americans from wearing fragrances in public? I mean, I get a headache when I’m around a person who likes to take a perfume bath… What about my rights as an anti-too much fragrant-American? Do you see how ridiculous we have become?

This is a matter of principle, rights, liberties and freedoms, this is not difficult, but these type of snooty people want to make life more difficult for people they think are below their standard. I say if local governments and anti-smoking sissies want to ban smoking, then they should not receive a single dime from cigarette taxes period! I bet that would change their tone… We have a choice here, just make it! If we keep going down this road, the road to further sissify our nation, then we will be giving these anal-activists the power that they need to further divide and destroy our nation… How about spending 18 months resolving issues of priority, maybe try repairing pot holes for a change…

Oh, and where is the ACLU in this case? I mean they are the American Civil Liberties Union, aren’t they? Or are they the Anti-Cigarette Laws Union?

~ by bohography on August 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Smokers Losing Liberties; What’s Next?”

  1. Sally gave me this web site and so glad she did. YEA FOR YOU! As more and more places prohibit smoking, more and more people are giving up the “nasty habit”. The most important effect of this is the loss of the tax dollars generated by tobacco. Of course the immediate response is raise the taxes but that can only go so far as this causes more and more people to consider quitting. Taxes support the entire community and without the revenue from tobacco, every single consumer is going to bear the brunt.

    This removal of our rights did not start with the anti-smoking people. It started with the insurance companies and car manufacturers and the mandatory seat belt laws that have been passed. I hate wearing a seat belt and don’t unless the roads are bad. My insurance company tells me that if I am killed in a wreck and not wearing a seat belt they don’t pay. Personally, if I am in a wreck that is bad enough that I would die if I were not wearing a seat belt I can only believe that I would be left in a vegetative state or crippled forever and would rather not survive it.

    So when are the laws going to be passed that says we have got to wear green on Tuesday and Blue on Wednesday and that every citizen has to have their hair 4 inches long.

  2. You’re absoolutely right… this is not about second-hand smoke, this is about our individual freedoms as Americans.

    As I’ve been writing about for years, the ongoing anti-smoking campaign is not about public health, drug abuse, or teen smoking. What it is all about is money, control, and jurisdiction.

    When will freedom loving Americans stand up and DEMAND our rights as citizens and expose the politically correct anti-smoking crowd for what they really are… liars and thieves.

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