So-Called Comedian Calls Our Troops Liars!

It is amazing to me that the average, everyday, moderate democrats who support our troops will not stand up for our troops, just because they don’t agree with the battle in Iraq… Since moderate democrats refuse to speak out against these military haters, that tells the rest of us that democrats are represented by computer geeks at, Congressmen that accuse our military of murder, Senators calling a 4 star General a liar and a so-called comedian that called the terrorists on 9/11 courageous and our military cowards! Plus, as you heard on the video Bill ‘What A Moron’ Maher joined the Petraeus bashing by calling him and our troops liars… Democrats should be proud to be represented by such great people!


~ by bohography on September 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “So-Called Comedian Calls Our Troops Liars!”

  1. I dont know if Bill was calling our troops liars, he called the leadership liars. Which I agree with him, they are.

  2. There are lots of haters and crazies who support them out there. You should visit the site. The site exposes some real movements of hatred getting support in San Francisco. I highly recommend the San Francisco Anti-American July 4thpost. It turned my stomach inside out!

  3. Bill Maher said that he does not believe Gen. Petraeus’ testimony. Two points here… Gen. Petraeus is one of our troops, a war-hero, a true combat leader with great service and integrity to our country. To say that you don’t believe him, is to say that he would purposely sacrifice troops under his command, just for political reasons is ridiculous and insulting. Second, our troops in Iraq agree with Gen. Petraeus and his report, they agree that true military progress is underway, so to say that you think Petraeus was not truthful means that you and the Bill Maher’s of the world believe our troops are lying as well. You can’t have it both ways, either you believe a soldier that is there witnessing the progress on a daily basis fighting for you or you believe a an ignorant comedian and politicians that have no earthly idea about war or military operations. It’s one thing to hate Bush, but to throw our troops under the bus just because you don’t like the President is simply disgraceful…

    You either support the troops, all the troops, or you don’t. There is no such thing as a part-time supporter of our military and their sacrifices…


  4. Scoundrel,

    Thanks for the info, it’s pretty scary to think we have fellow Americans out there that are this hateful and ignorant… It makes you wonder where these people come from? What is happening to our country? What a shame! These type of losers have know idea what it means to be an American or a patriot… But these people will be the first to cry for help if their safety was in jeopardy!


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