Action Alert; Veterans Need Your Help!

Once again my friends we need to take action and stand up for our heroes… President Bush is sending a bill to Congress that will give health care benefits to Veterans of the Armed Forces that were medically discharged from the military due to physical and/or mental disabilities. Currently, Veterans who are discharged from the military with a disability rating of 20% or less are given a small severance pay, with no medical benefits for them or their family members when they enter the civilian world. Some Veterans are not able to find work because of their service-connected disability, while some family members have to take off work, or quit their job entirely to take care of their Veteran…

We must let it be known that we will take care of our troops, it is the very least our government can do to pay back for their service to our country. Remember, these Veterans go from serving our country, having insurance to compensate their disability, to jobless and without any medical coverage, while their illness continues and in some cases, for the rest of their lives.

I’m encouraging all who read this to click on the link below, read the details and call, email or fax the Congress. This is a great way to show real support for our troops. If we can give free medical care to illegal immigrants, don’t you think we can continue medical coverage for our Veterans?

The Congress has heard us once, now they can hear us again… We will be watching to see what politician(s) will need to be held accountable if they dare try undermining our troops again!

Thank you for your support!
Click here for details

~ by bohography on September 25, 2007.

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