Leading Dems Will Now Keep Troops In Iraq

This is for all of you lefties that still believe your Democrat candidate would immediately withdrawal our troops from Iraq. All along, the Dems have been using the “bring our troops home” as their campaign stomp. But as predicted, the Demwits running for President have backed off from their anti-war bandwagon rhetoric. So why another change in the course, why another lie? It’s because the truth is, the Dems have no backbone or clue on what it takes to have the resolve to fight until the achievement of success.

Democrat supporters must realize that if one of their party’s candidate takes the Oval Office, everything changes. This is real world, there is no room for foreign policy talking points. When our nation’s security is in their hands, the dynamics are different. You see it’s easy to bash Bush and cater to anti-war and anti-military groups when you have nothing to lose. But if you are President, you have everything to lose. If you can’t step up and face the facts that the War on Terrorism is not a bumper sticker, but a real-ongoing threat to our security and freedoms, then you are not the person to burden this responsibility…

But as predicted, the left is starting to slowly shift back to the moderate Democrats, they’ve started to realize that the far-left crowd is losing their traction. The truth is moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans are more in agreement with National Security and Illegal Immigration issues, than moderate Dems and the far-left freaks. So of course Clinton, Obama and Edwards have recognized this and are now trying to counter by jumping off the far-left wagon to catch a ride back to the moderate side.

Don’t you see that the Dems will say and do anything to gain your support to get elected? Isn’t obvious to you? Even if you oppose the war and dislike President Bush, you have to acknowledge that he does not govern by the polls. And if you don’t believe, or you just don’t want to believe that the Democrats govern by the polls, then it says that in your eyes, there’s nothing the Dems can’t do wrong. And that’s a shame…

Left-wing hardliners would rather sacrifice their nation’s security and freedoms, just to get a Democrat in office. They rather vote for a candidate that repeatedly lies, manipulates and is easily influenced by popular opinion, than a candidate that will sacrifice his Presidency to protect our nation. Unbelievable!

The leading Democratic candidates refused to guarantee the pullout of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by the year 2013, which would be the end of their presidential term. If you recall, Hillary Clinton has said over and over again, that if Bush would not end this war, if she were elected President she would. Well of course the habitual liar has once again changed her tune… Now Hillary is saying that she will continue combat operations and troop deployments to Iraq. What about Barack Obama? Now he’s saying that it’s hard to predict what to do four years from now. I thought Obama was going to “re-deploy” our troops out of Iraq? And then there’s John Edwards, remember Edwards said his vote for the war was a mistake and he would get our troops out of there if he were elected. Now Edwards has said that he will not make that commitment…

I find this very interesting, but predictable that the democratic front-runners are changing their positions once again. And you can bet your bottom dollar this won’t be the last time… The lack of character from these poll jumpers would be laughable if this wasn’t such an important issue…

If you are a Democrat, a true Democrat, not a far-left freak, wouldn’t you rather have a candidate that will truly protect our country? Don’t you want a candidate that will be up-front and honest with you, instead of telling you what you want to hear, just to get a vote? Or it doesn’t matter what they say, as long as it’s a Democrat?

You see, no matter who becomes the next President, we will be in Iraq for a long time. So if we’re going to be there, then vote for the right leader to carrying us through to victory, not surrender. The choice is yours, but it will affect all of us…

~ by bohography on September 27, 2007.

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