Update: Blue Star Deli Shuts The Door

After a valiant effort from radio talk show hosts like Mike Gallagher, bloggers like The Lone Star Diary, Texas Fred, The Common Sense Conservative, myself and many others, The Blue Star Deli in Farmers Branch, TX had to close it’s doors for business. A hard fight and lots of support was unable to sustain this round of pro-illegal activism. We gave it our best, whether it was through free advertisement, donations or dining in, but we must not let this set back deter us from our overall mission to defend of our country…

If you have read Bohography before, you are aware of how passionate I am about the illegal immigration issue. You are aware that I am a pure bred patriot and proud of it. I will always do my part to help a fellow American in preserving our way of life. With that being said, Dave Mooney, the owner of The Blue Star Deli sent an email out to some of the supporters that were involved in this fight. When I read his email, I must say that I was taking back a little bit. I can appreciate Dave’s anger or frustration that his business had to close down. This would be a tough pill to swallow for anyone, but when I read his letter, I came away thinking that everything was great when all of the money was pouring in, but when the donations slowed, it seems that he now wants to point fingers at the very people that kept his head above the water.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I was just slapped in the face and I don’t take to kindly to that. I would like for you to read the email below and tell me your thoughts on the Blue Star Deli issue. Do you agree with me that Dave Mooney is coming across unappreciative, or do you think he is just upset about the outcome in this fight? Tell me your thoughts, the floor is yours…

From Dave Mooney:

Hello to All,

Just wanted to drop a note and ask a few questions. You know that I am out of business. I have lost everything I dreamed of having in a business and what I did have. Let me tell you a little story. You know about a year ago I had this wonderful little restaurant and it was growing at a wonderful rate. Had never seen a decline in sales was making money and was enjoying it. Was all I could have dreamed of. I was enjoying sales of 12 to 18 hundred a day. Even had a couple of 2100 dollar days. I was ecstatic over the sales. Everything was doing great.

Then the immigration stuff started in Farmers Branch. I was contacted by the local Radio Stations and was asked if they could do some live broadcast. And of course I wasn’t going to turn down free advertisement. I said yes bring it in. Of course we got a real big boost to our sales. But then after a week or two the sales dropped a little. I didn’t think anything of it. We of course were contacted again and asked to do more shows and of course I said sure.

Well then some of the people against all of this immigration stuff got mad and called in the opposition. And that I did a real big number to us. Our sales started falling more but I just kept thinking it will come back. Then more shows happened and then the vote and boy we sure did feel it then. No one wanted to be around. Boycotts had been called against us and it did a number to us. I was ready to put it up for sale before I fell any farther in the hole.

Then the news got out that I was going to sell do to low sales volumes and the boycotts. The radio stations picked up; all across the nation we got people trying to help us as long as the radio talked about us. We had our biggest day ever during this time period. We even got around a thousand dollars from people in the mail. I thought ok we can get thru this. I was contacted by one of the radio stations to do some more shows. I said sure it couldn’t hurt us anymore. I even gave the dates that were best but I left it open to what they wanted. They couldn’t even dignify me with a sorry we can’t do it. Then the radios all stopped talking about us and so did the sales. We fell to numbers lower then my first day of business ($498.00).

I was now being boycotted by the illegal’s and the people who supported them and also the people who were against them were now staying away because they didn’t want to be around a political hot spot. They didn’t want to be around anywhere were the said items were being talked about. I had lost almost all my regular customers because they didn’t want to here it. The supporters quit coming because it was old news and no one was talking about it. The opponents quit coming because I supported it. And the radios quit talking about it. I was and still back what happened in Farmers Branch. I am for an immigration reform that is right. But the fact that I am now out of business because of my show of support that is known nation wide.

I am now almost $25000.00 in the hole and behind on payments do to my falling sales. Now I sent an email out to everyone I have an email address to to let them know that I was out of business and do you think I could get a mention on these radio stations of what happened with me or even an I’m sorry . Not even one station mentioned me our sent me an apology. You have any ideas how I can pay for all these bills I can’t afford because I supported something that is right. I think I’m paying one hell of a price for this support. I am a loyal listener to all of these stations and I’m beginning to think they don’t care anymore. Only themselves.

Anyways I just wanted to tell y’all this little story. I hope these people will fix my slowly soaring attitude towards them. If not that is fine I understand I’m nothing to them. And I’m sure some of them might think that it’s all my own fault. But you know what I have the numbers to prove what I have just told y’all. Yall helped to put me out of business. I should have known you wouldn’t keep up the push to support us thru all of this. But I just knew y’all would do it. Boy was I wrong. Well Thanks everyone. I will now be working for the next 2 years just to pay of what we fell behind in trying to save my restaurant.

Dave Mooney
Blue Star Deli

~ by bohography on September 27, 2007.

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