Obama Is No JFK!

What a proud moment for the liberals! I mean it must be great to be on the left nowadays. Since Teddy “One More Drink” Kennedy has passed the baton off to Barack Obama, the Dems have been foaming at the mouth, in hopes that Obama can rewind time and bring back a JFK type administration.

But, there might be a problem with this little fantasy… Simply put, if JFK were alive today, he would be more inline with Republicans. For example; John F. Kennedy was tough on National Defense, which means a strong military. Obama wants to negotiate with terrorists ans shrink our military. JFK was Pro-Life, Obama is Pro-Choice. JFK cut taxes, Obama wants to raise taxes. Finally, JFK proudly spoke of his faith and gave numerous speeches about his walk, Obama has a tough time saying the name Jesus in public. Obama ain’t no JFK, not even close!

JFK seemed pretty conservative to me… Though I am no JFK fan, I would only hope that if elected, Barack Obama would govern more like JFK… Funny how Libs will ignore little known facts.

~ by bohography on February 9, 2008.

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