Brownie Points

Since Valentine’s Day is near and everyone is in the loving mood, I think I’ll pause for a moment and share some love myself…

For me, there are several types of love. We love our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and other family members with what I call a blood bond kind of love. A love that will always be a part of your life, an unspoken love.

Another kind of love is the love for our children. This type of love to me, is indescribable. The love we have for our children runs through the depths of our soul, a love in which a person without a child could ever understand…

And then there’s the love we have for our spouse. A love that runs deep, a type of love that comes before anything and can withstand the trials and tribulations of life. Now I’ve never been known as a romantic kind of guy, I guess I missed that class, but I think there are times when I can be surprising, and hopefully this is one of them…

I want to tell you about my best friend, my wife and the mother of my son, Georgetta. For almost 9 yrs now, I’ve been blessed and loved by a special woman. A beautiful person inside and out, simple, supportive and easy going. But more importantly, she’s the best wife a husband could ask for and the greatest mother a child could have…

Needless to say, I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without her in my corner. I believe she’s made me a better person, a better husband and the best father that I can be. A perfect fit, a deep-true love, with a solid foundation that is everlasting…

So I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my wife, Georgetta. Thank you for the best 9 yrs of my life. Thank you for your devotion to our marriage. Thank you for your love and understanding. Thank you for being a loving and nurturing mom to our son. But most importantly, thank you for who you are and what you do for our little family. I truly appreciate you, because you are the best…



Brownie Points: 100


~ by bohography on February 12, 2008.

One Response to “Brownie Points”

  1. Dear Readers:
    As a single mother raising three daughters, you pray that they will find the one man, the one that will standby her, support her and give her everything that he possibility can. I am a very lucky mother-in law, because my oldest daughter found such a man. Since day one this man became a good husband, great brother to my other daughters and the son I never had, later he became the father of my grandson, the kind of father that I had wished my own daughters had. This man has protected, watched over and become the man of my home as well as his, he has taken on a very big responsibility, as you can very well see. Today, I want to praise my son-in law and tell him how much I love and respect him.
    So here goes, Bo Eason, I love you and most important I respect you.


    Your Mother-in law

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