Liberals Side With Terrorists; Again

Surprise, surprise! The cowards on the left sat back and allowed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to expire. Once again, the cowards on the left have sided with our enemy… It is sad the mainstream media is not giving this story the attention it deserves. To me, this is an important matter that has been brushed under the rug. But since the media is so Liberal driven, what else would you expect.

The FISA act is a necessary tool for our intelligence agencies to intercept communications from a foreign origin, between suspected terrorists. Liberals will say that our government will use this act to spy on Americans and their daily conversations. But I guess it was okay when Bobby Kennedy had the FBI spy on Martin Luther King Jr’s phone conversations. You won’t hear much about that, because the Kennedy’s, well, they’re golden.

Honestly, I do not believe spy agencies will consume their day by listening in on our phone calls. But if by chance they did, who cares? If you’re not doing anything wrong, then don’t worry about it. I’m willing to bet our government doesn’t want to listen to your boring life. I’m pretty sure they have more important things to worry about. Like, disrupting the next attack.

Another reason why the cowards on the left are throwing a hissy fit, is because the FISA act was updated to protect phone companies who provide information to the government. Simply put, immunity. Immunity from all of the trial lawyers who would represent terrorists and sue phone companies for their involvement. The ACLU, the most anti-American group in our country, would rather side with the enemy and go after phone companies, instead of protecting our homeland by going after the very terrorists they side with.

So once again the Liberals show how ignorant they are in The War on Terror. The Liberals once again show us they will side with our enemy, instead of using every tool available to thwart further threats and future attacks.

Needless to say, this is the worst Democratic party in U.S. history, a round of applause for these losers…

~ by bohography on February 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Liberals Side With Terrorists; Again”

  1. Well I think they shouldn’t be allowed to wiretap until they pay their phone bill.

  2. Does it bother you that the FISA bill never actually expired? It wasn’t the FISA bill that was going to expire; it was the Protect America Act, an amendment to FISA. FISA remained intact.

  3. the democrats have terrorists on their christmas card list.

  4. BREAKING NEWS:Liberals are terrorist sympathizers!

    Oh riiight, we knew that.

    Obamas BFF is a convicted terrorist. On 9/11 he said he wishes he couldve bombed more.

    His church should be labeled a terrorist organization

    And the ACLU? They supported NAMBLA for Christ sake!

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