Michelle Obama; Now She’s A Patriot?

It’s bad enough that Barack Obama refuses to wear an American flag lapel, but his wife, a possible first lady of these United States, topped it off with this idiotic statement…

Basically what Michelle Obama said, is that she was not proud of our country when the Cold War ended, as a black American she wasn’t proud of our country during the civil rights movement, and Mrs. Obama wasn’t a proud American after the 9/11 attacks, when the rest of our country was united. These are just a few moments where every American should have been proud of their country. But I guess when you are not an American patriot you don’t have anything to be proud of.

My opinion, the Obama’s need to be educated on what it means to be a patriot. They need to be educated on proper protocol for a sitting U.S. Senator and presidential candidate when the National Anthem is played. They should be educated that it is ok to wear the colors of our flag, even if it will anger their anti-American supporters.

I guess it’s just a big coincidence that the possible first lady is now proud of our country…, now that her husband is winning… I wonder what she’ll say if her hubby loses?

~ by bohography on February 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Michelle Obama; Now She’s A Patriot?”

  1. Why don’t you give the actual quote rather than you saying what she “basically”said.Let the quote stand for itself.

  2. “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country”.

    There’s the quote, any questions?

    For a person who has and who continues to live the American dream, she sure isn’t very appreciative…

  3. I guess Mrs Obama is not proud of her Harvard education or her ability to be speak what’s on her mind without fear of being imprisioned or being exiled or her country’s trailblazing in civil rights or treatment of people with disabilities or its charitable contributions worldwide even to its enemies during natural disaster (remember Bam, Iran) or its doctors providing free medical treatment to impoverished peoples from foreignlands with horrible deformities or medical treatment to people who for the first time in their lives receive any medical treatment at all or for the incredible innovations of American people one that even found several hundred ways to use the peanut (remember George Washington Carver) or…Michelle Obama you live a very sad life. What kind accomplishments would you tell your children to be proud of ?

  4. I couldn’t agree more Bill… Nicely put!

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