The Evaporation of American Culture

Am I the only one who feels that our American culture is slowly, but steadily evaporating? Look around you, pay close attention to things in our culture that are disappearing. There are countless American cultures which have slipped through the cracks.

Foreign actors sweeping American awards (the Oscars), American actors living overseas to boycott America, while profiting from American movie goers, politicians refusing to wear the colors of our flag, and politicians advocating for illegal immigrants to gain the system and receive driver’s licenses, which is an earned privilege, not a right. Just to name a few…

I’ve wrote about this particular subject before, but I truly believe this issue will ultimately be the issue of our time… We as Americans have a common thread with each other, no matter where in America we call home. English is our common denominator. This is our language, the language of these United States, but slowly and steadily a foreign language is infecting our common language.

Due to illegal immigration, the Spanish language has infiltrated and splintered our common thread. Some call it Spanglish, I call it a disgrace, appeasement, a slap in the face to our founding fathers, a disregard for American history! If you want to become bilingual, great more power to you, however we must preserve our language.

What are our nation’s leaders doing to counter the foreign language invasion? Absolutely Nothing! Sen. Obama, Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain have all catered to the Spanish language. When asked if the English language should become our official national language, each of the presidential candidates without hesitation, replied ‘no’. The truth is these weak politicians rather stay clear of offending illegal aliens, than to defend our American culture. I have nothing against the Spanish language, my son is learning Spanish and I encourage him to do so, knowing that my young son will have to speak just as much Spanish as he does English inside our borders. And that is B.S.!

Remember the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill… Part of the requirements for illegals to be granted amnesty was that illegals must learn English. This goes to show how ignorant and out of touch our politicians are with real America. What happens if illegals refuse to learn English? They can’t be prosecuted, will these appeasers fine illegals? Do you think illegals who refuse to learn and speak English will pay the fines? Try again! How many times will the government fine illegals if their refusal continues? Will any of these candidates deport illegals? Not on your life! Why would these politicians deport the illegals of which they’ve given a free ride to. These policies and the politicians who want to invoke them are disastrous for our country.

Here’s a question to ponder… What do you think would happen if millions of English speaking Americans crossed the southern border, infiltrated the Mexican culture, and refused to learn and speak Spanish? You think the Mexican government would cater to us and our language? Would they convert everything over to English, so we won’t be offended? Can we get free rides too? Not so much!

I’ve said this time and time again, this is a silent war against our American culture. A culture war is going on right now, it’s all around us, everywhere we turn and if English speaking Americans stand by and remain silent, then we are on the path towards two Americas…

~ by bohography on February 25, 2008.

One Response to “The Evaporation of American Culture”

  1. I agree with you 100%. American culture is being diluted and demonized. We have all but conceeded defeat to the bombardment of our culture by the media and by those who seek to supplant it. Keep spreading the word my friend!

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