We’re In A Recession; Send Donations

Fear mongering, a tactic in which liberals say Republicans use for the War on Terrorism… According to liberals, Republicans instill fear into the minds of Americans, so that the right may benefit from the fear of concerned Americans. But it seems that liberals are guilty of fear mongering themselves…

For example, the Economy. We all know that our economy has slowed and is struggling, but believe or not, we are not currently in a Recession. A Recession means two or more consecutive negative quarters. Up to this point, we have not had two or more consecutive quarters in the negative, therefore no Recession. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other libs are pounding the Recession drumbeat, in the hopes of instilling fear into everyday hard-working Americans. This is fear mongering.

Here’s my observation… Back in January, Barack Obama received approximately 35 million dollars in donations, Hillary Clinton’s campaign reported that she received around 36 million for the month of February. 71 million dollars in two months!

Here’s my question…, if Obama and Clinton are truly concerned about our economy, if they truly care about the American people, if they truly believe that we are in a Recession, then why accept the money? Obama is supposedly about ‘change’, but it appears he’s more about convenience. It reminds me of another liberal that preys on the fear of Americans. Al Gore and his Global Warming profiteering! The earth is burning up, stop driving your cars, ride a bike, oh and don’t pay any attention to what I do…

If Obama was really about ‘change’, and Clinton cared about the middle class like she pretends to do, then these two libs would make a pact and return the 71 million dollars back to the donors.  The American people need to keep as much of their money as possible, so they may survive this ‘Recession’.

Another example of the double-standard liberals have mastered. There’s no ‘change’ here, just the manipulation of fainting Americans.

~ by bohography on February 29, 2008.

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