Self-Deporting To Mexico

AGIA PRIETA, Mexico — For the first time, Mexican officials in Arizona admit there is hard evidence illegal immigrants are preparing to leave the state because a new employer sanctions law is making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to keep a job. Read more here…

~ by bohography on March 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Self-Deporting To Mexico”

  1. Take Back Our Country Song


    Can you please place a link on your website / or blog; to this Take Back Our Country Song it’s a patriotic song that is very inspiring, and truthful. I wrote this song after being fed up with what I see happening in my neighborhood and to our country daily on the news.

    I am just an ordinary citizen that went away to serve at age 19. And I am sick and tired of the lies and chaos our ELECTED SELLOUT OFFICIALS has put this country into. So I wanted to do my part, as a soldier of the USANG, I wrote this song and put it on this video.

    My state Louisiana was hit hard by hurricane Katrina and hundreds of illegal aliens moved into our community took away jobs that we Americans were ready to do, and now crime has gone thru the roof. I am sick and tired of these people in my neighborhood and hanging out on our street corners. WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!

    Please check out my video Take Back Our Country Song on here’s the link. And FORWARD it to everyone on your email list. This is my way of fighting back and giving back to my country.

    Please, I served my country in the US Army National Guards, and I hate what’s happening to our country. We must do all we can to Take Her Back!

    Thank you,
    Richie Collins

    Take Back Our Country

  2. iam an american and i just got a few words to say about your blog. why dont the americans relize that we need the illegals here. i just wanna know can you or any other americans do the jobs in half the time that they do for us. can you see yourself out there picking fruit or veggies and live off what they get paid. yeah they should become legal but after 911 it is impossible to do so. if they where not there to help after katrina the city would not get back to being they way it was. i visited new orleans a couple of years ago and i seen people standing there waiting for AMERICANS come and pick them up to go to work on houses. there is not enough construction workers in the united states to keep up with all what has happened there or any other states that has to rebuild there own towns. i use to feel the same way that you do but you need relize why we need them here.

  3. First, I’m curious that you say you are American, then your next sentence you say “why don’t the Americans”? I’m just saying… Illegals can do the work in half the time, because there are more working on that specific task, than there would be if it were legal workers. Here’s the thing you’re missing. Most Americans are willing to do the work illegals do, but they don’t want to work for peanuts and they shouldn’t. It’s the contractors and other businesses that are hurting Americans, they rather hire cheap labor and shotty work, so they can profit more, by spending less, and finishing jobs quick so they can go to the next one.

    There is a process to becoming an American citizen, and it is earned, not given out like free candy. That’s called amnesty! Are you naive enough to think that if we just open the borders up for all to come, there won’t be any terrorists mixed in with the illegals? Open your eyes! Let me ask you this, how many people are you willing to let in illegally before you close the borders? When is enough, enough? Do you want our country to become overpopulated like China and India? Do you want our country to be nothing but concrete and traffic, with no more countryside? When is it enough?

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