Yes We Can…

How funny is it to watch these gullible, faint-hearted, easily manipulated, Obama freaks who believe all of these grand speeches that have no substance whatsoever. It’s amazing to me how Obama supporters cannot name one legislative accomplishment about the Senator, not one! Now I know you Obamible’s (Obama gullible) will do some research and try to point it out some of his accomplishments, that’s fine, give it a shot, but just remember that Change, Hope, Uniter or Yes We Can is not an accomplishment!!!

It’s like these Obamible’s are brainwashed or something? I don’t get it. What has Barack Obama accomplished’? ‘CHANGE’! What else has he done in the Senate? ‘HOPE’! Tell me Obamible, how will Barack Obama protect us Americans? ‘YES WE CAN’! What?!

If Barack Obama is elected, then…

Yes We Can look forward to illegal aliens obtaining valid driver’s licenses and roaming free on our roadways.

Yes We Can have an open borders, amnesty to all policy.

Yes We Can have the right to bears arms ripped right out of our hands.

Yes We Can look forward to our President sitting down and having a cup of tea with terrorists.

Yes We Can blame America first on any issue under the sun that has offended another country.

Yes We Can have a President who will hesitate in a moments notice to protect our homeland.

Yes We Can have judges appointed that will legislate from the bench.

Yes We Can have a kinder, gentler justice system for murderers, rapists, child molesters and any other low-life criminal.

Yes We Can become the weakest America since the Jimmy Carter administration.

Yes We Can remove the pledge of allegiance from our schools.

Yes We Can remove God from our public forums.

Yes We Can have a government that will slowly shrink our individual freedoms.

Obama may give nice pep rally speeches for a high school game, but he has no plan, he has not been challenged on his far-left issues, his inexperience, his so-called foreign policy, his tax hikes, his pandering to illegals, nor his big government mindset. This is dangerous for America, very dangerous. But it will get tougher for Obama and it’s not going to be pretty for the Obamible’s. Goods news for Obama though, these Obamible’s come easily trained…

Yes We Can, Yes We Can, Yes We Can,

~ by bohography on March 3, 2008.

One Response to “Yes We Can…”

  1. If McCain is so much better, more experienced, and presidential than why can’t he look Obama in his face?

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