A New Weapon For Border Agents?

Tucson Border Patrol agents have a new tool in their belt and they’re using it in the name of safety.

Agents are assaulted, or there is at least an attempted assault at all times of the day on the border. At least once a day, said Agent Dove Haber, “In this sector we’ve had 81 attempted assaults so far just since October 1.”

Last week, an agent was working along the border just before dawn, when smugglers started throwing rocks. Haber tells us, “A situation like that really demands that an agent stay calm and …

Read the full report here…

(Lone Star Diary) Why do we continue to treat illegal aliens with “kid gloves?” If our Border Patrolmen would shoot to kill, that would put a stop to this bullshit. It’s time to get tough, folks, and forget all this politically-correct crap. It’s time to revert back to the World War II mentality. That is when you’re attacked, you fight back with all means at your disposal.

~ by bohography on March 6, 2008.

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