Times Square Bomber; ‘We Did It’

WASHINGTON — Police are investigating letters that arrived Thursday at Capitol Hill offices containing a photo of the Times Square military recruiting office before it was bombed and including the claim “We Did It.”

Read the full report here…

I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this scum of the earth, pansy ass, bicycle riding, piece of shit loser. For someone who is anti-war to use a bomb, A BOMB that is, to protest the war makes about as much sense as the liberals cutting off troop funding to bring them home. This idiot used domestic terrorism to protest the War on Terror! What a nut job. And to top it off, this anti-military, un-American S.O.B. sent letters to democrats who are against the war saying ‘We Did It’.

Huh, here’s a question, who are the ‘We’ this bicycle bandit is referring to? It’s like he’s saying look we did it, I bomb a military recruiting station, our you proud of me? Just a thought…

When they catch this coward, they should send him on the first plane to Iraq, stick him on the front lines and let our men and women in uniform have first dibs…

~ by bohography on March 6, 2008.

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