Dems Respond To Palin Pick

Shortly after McCain selected Alaska Gov. Sara Palin as his Veep, the do nothing democrats starting the attacks.

Here’s a quote from the Obama campaign: Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.  Bill Burton

This goes out to the Bill Burton’s of the world.  First of all, you’re a bright one!  Even if your viewpoint was accurate, which it’s not, you had to jump the gun and spew your own idiotic opinion.  Now you put your candidate in a position were he had to go to the cameras and correct your stupid mistake.  You’re a clever one, dumb ass!

Second, yes Gov. Palin was a mayor, what was Obama?  A community organizer!  What is a community organizer anyway?  Here’s a little tid bit of information, Gov. Palin was in public office 5 years before your messiah was this so-called community organizer.  Palin was serving the community while your hero was face down in a pile powder! Barack Obama has been a U.S. senator for only 4 years, and 2 of those years he has been running for president.  That means he’s been actively in the senate for about 140 days.  Now that’s experience we can count on.

Third, Gov. Palin is a governor!  That means she is the only candidate with executive experience.  She has balanced a budget, took on her own party for ethics reform, cut taxes, and runs the state police, just to name a few–can your hero say that?  When has Obama ever done these things?  I didn’t think so.

Fourth, She is the Commander of the Alaskan National Guard, a guard unit that has been serving our country on the War on Terror, what has Moses commanded?  Not a damn thing!

These are just a few points that show Gov. Palin has more experience that the chosen one.  And she’s running for Vice President.  So for all of you Obama lovers, you might want to tone down the experience topic, you really don’t want to go there.

Finally nimtwat, you said that this pick of Palin is ‘more of the same’, that’s pretty funny since your candidate pick the ultimate Washington insider, a 35 year senator!  If that ain’t more of the same, then I don’t know what is.  What a phony campaign you and your boyfriend are running.  The only thing that I can see ‘changing’ is my shoes, because of the load of crap you and your chronies have piled up…

~ by bohography on August 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “Dems Respond To Palin Pick”

  1. So, by this standard, Palin possesses far more experience than John McCain as well?

    Sarah Palin did nothing in Alaska except finish what other people had started. Anyone who claims Palin is more qualified than Obama is just fooling themselves. I, personally, could care less. Experience is extremely overrated. Some of the greatest presidents in history weren’t “experienced.”

    I do think, however, since it’s a time of possible international crises – that foreign policy and national experience are somewhat important. Palin loses to Obama, Biden, and McCain on all of these. I love how everyone brings up Palin’s “executive” experience to bash Obama but don’t, in turn, bash McCain for the same lack of executive experience. Palin claimed she didn’t know exactly what a VP did . . . and that she doesn’t know what’s going on in Iraq because she isn’t keeping up with it. But sure, let’s put her in negotiation with Putin. I’m sure that’d work.

    John McCain insulted women everywhere with his pick, imo. Assuming they’d vote for him just because Palin’s a woman. NO man with Palin’s record would even be considered for VP – and everyone knows it.

  2. You really are missing the point here. Palin is running for VP, Obama is running for President, huge difference. He has zero-zich-nada, any kind of experience. I have more experience than Obama! And YES, McCain does have executive experience–he was a commander of one of the largest naval fleets. A Commander, if you know anything about the military that means make command decisions on command.
    Now I will say that no, Palin would need a little time as VP to wet her feet before stepping in to the President spot. But Obama is jumping in head first as President during a time we need someone who knows what the hell their doing, and he ain’t got a clue. So don’t try to better him by pulling something out of nothing, cause it’ll never work.

  3. Saying Obama has no experience is such a false statement. He’s never claimed to be the “most experienced” though . . . he goes on judgement. And he wins easily against McCain there. But, he does have national experience and foreign policy experience. 4 years in the US Senate and he’s met with world leaders, been on the foreign relations committee, at least went to these other countries. (And I’d suggest looking into McCain’s military records – not something to be proud of, imo. He basically got a free pass because of his father and grandfather and then used his stance as Commander to abuse the Uniform Code of Military Justice, never getting penalized, again, because of his father . . . *shrugs*)

    McCain can’t use the experience argument, though. Unless he admits he put an inexperienced person as his VP – which wouldn’t be good. If he says she’s experienced enough to be President (as the VP is supposed to be) – then he is admitting Obama is experienced enough.

    As I said, experience is still overrated. But there is no doubt Obama showed better judgement in his VP pick. McCain is 72 years old with a history of health problems, such as cancer. And he puts Palin as his replacement? You can’t say that was well thought out. You must admit, it’s purely political.

  4. First of all, everything in this type of arena is political on both sides. Second, Joe Biden is only 6 yrs younger than McCain. Third, no matter how you spin it, Obama has no foreign policy experience, why do you think he picked Biden in the first place. Just because you have shook hands with world leaders in the last few months doesn’t give you experience. Fourth, that’s a pretty offensive statement about McCain and his military career. McCain endured so much in his military life and for you to so easily disregard what he did for our country is pretty shameful. No matter what party you a line yourself with, any American can see his sacrifice and be grateful.

    Again, 2 of Obama’s 4 years in the Senate, was running for President. 140 days that he has been in the Senate building, that’s it. And let’s not open the can on Obama’s judgment, because he has a laundry list bad judgments. If he can mess up common sense judgment calls, I would hate to see he’s judgments as the Commander in Chief.

    Now personally Palin wouldn’t have been my first pick for McCain, but she is a up and coming force, just like Obama. So it’s really McCain against Biden, because if Obama wins, Biden will be running the show behind closed doors. Guaranteed!

  5. I’m a Hillary supporter, a PUMA, a moderate that is not insulted by McCain’s pick of Palin. I think it was a brilliant pick and the Dem’s know it. Call it check and check- mate. And yes, I’m voting for the McCain/Palin ticket as will millions of Hillary voters that have been dissed and taken for granted by Obama, the DNC, and the MSM.

    In the short 2 years she has been Governor of one of the country’s most important states suppling us with energy she has stood toe to toe with the oil companies and won, she’s rid her state of entrenched Republican corruption, and she stopped the hideous boondoggle . . . the bridge to no where.

    During the 140 days Barack was in attendance in the U.S. Senate what did he accomplish? Oh, that’s right . . . nothing. He did head up a major Senate sub committee on Afghanistan . . . but never held a single meeting . . . too busy running for president, don’t you know.

    Oh ya, one other thing. During the same time BHO was in Berlin giving his speech in front of 200,000 Germans, Sarah was in Germany visiting the troops that Barack couldn’t fit into his schedule!!!!

  6. *shakes head*
    I will admit, I’m insulting McCain’s military record. Not his POW service, of course. But the way he handled the positions he was GIVEN (not earned) is disgraceful. My father and grandfather both served, my brother is, and my cousin is – I respect service. I don’t respect abuse of unearned power, in McCain’s case.

    And what you said about “Biden running the show behind closed doors” . . . great! I’d much rather have Biden running this place than McCain. And about Biden being 6 years younger – he doesn’t have a history of skin cancer like McCain, either. Biden is considered by many to be THE expert on foreign policy, and he actually KNOWS the difference between Sunnis and Shiites . . .

    Now to the PUMA person. (I shouldn’t have to say anymore, PUMA is pathetic, imho.) There are not “millions” of Hillary voters going for McCain . . . maybe a few thousand as insane as you, sure. I’d say there are more who just aren’t going to vote. However, Palin did NOTHING in Alaska except finish what other people started. She distanced herself from the corrupt Republicans AFTER she got in office, yeah. She SUPPORTED the Bridge to Nowhere until it began to be mocked by everyone. She campaigned in favor of it, don’t believe McCain/Palin’s lies.

    And Obama has visited the troops numerous times. He had good reason for why he didn’t visit them that ONE time. *shakes head*

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