The Next Jimmy Carter or Moses?

I know this article will fall on deaf ears to all of you Obama gullibles, but I’m sure there are some common sense democrats left out there, or at least I hope.  It is so funny to me watching grown men crying on national tv over some sleazy politician spewing a loaded speech full of lies, stretching truths and insults.  It is so damn amazing to me how negative liberals are.  Liberals are naturally negative people, have you ever met a happy liberal?  This is the proud and distinguished blame America first party.  So inspiring!

I cannot believe, well actually I can believe that you ball bags are actually tearing up for this loser!  Obama should be on American Idol, not running for American President.  Again, falling on deaf ears.  Remember Jimmy ‘The Coward’ Carter?  Who doesn’t, he can’t keep his mouth shut, damn geezer!  It’s funny how the libs love to say how ‘W’ is the worst president ever, but in all actuality, the democrats get to hold that title.  Carter “The Coward’ was indeed the worst and weakest president to ever hold that distinct honor.  And he got his ass kicked to the curb, after only one term, because of his ability to govern like a certain female part.  Oh and don’t forget about the democratic congress majority, still lower than the president.  Liberals are so gullible, damn it’s funny to watch.

Now the next Carter ‘The Coward’ or Moses, which ever you prefer, has arrived–gracing us with his very presence.  A presence so powerful that we become paralyzed by perfect teleprompter speeches, that only God himself could match.  Behold, I give you Barack Hussein Obama!  SHHHH!  You can’t say Hussein!  Why not?  Because the almighty Obama will strike you down.  And don’t talk about his patriotism or how he’s friends with a unrepentant terrorist who killed fellow Americans, or his mentor and spiritual adviser who curses the very land that gives him the freedom to be anti-American.  Here are the words we can use around his grace, they’re called talking points; change, hope, yes we can, and Obama.

Wow, while writing this I’m starting to feel this strong force pouring over me, it’s like I want to run to the mountain top and scream –CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE!  I don’t care what kind of change just change!  I don’t care if Obama weakens our country by cutting our military in half, change it!  I don’t care that his universal health care plan will cover 20 million illegal immigrants who already receive care, prompting more illegal immigration, change it!  It doesn’t bother me that he hates a free market society and wants the government to stick their hands into every part of our lives, just change it all!  I don’t care if he wants to only focus on long term goals for today’s gas prices, change, change change.  And most of all, I could care less that Barack Obama, his grace, has no experience whatsoever to lead our country in a time when we are at war with radical Islam, whose mission in life is to destroy the western world.  Just change it.  It doesn’t bother me one bit that we won’t have a strong president again like Carter ‘The Coward’, let’s all just give him a chance and change!  Hey what’s the worst that could happen?

Yes We Can– ruin the country.

~ by bohography on August 30, 2008.

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