Liberals Are Fearful of Palin

For the last couple of days all I’ve seen on the liberal news media and these nutjob websites are all about Gov. Palin’s 17yrs old daughter.  It’s pretty darn shameful that this has become the topic of the moment.  We’re talking about a young teenager, who obviously made a mistake and is now she’s being stressed and judged by these peace-loving Obama supporters.  Why is it that these liberal losers can question the daughter of a nominee, but they can’t or won’t ask Obama any tough questions.  If we are going to open the door to personal questions, then I have a few that I think Obama should answer;

1. Why are you still to this day friends with an unrepentant terrorist? (William Aires)

2. Why did you give speeches with an unrepentant terrorist? (William Aires)

3. Why were you involved in a fundraiser with an unrepentant terrorist? (William Aires)

4. Do you believe in Black Liberation Theology? (Jeremiah Wright)

5. If no, then why did you allow yourself and your family to be influenced by Jeremiah Wright for 20yrs?

6. In the 20yrs you attended your mentor’s church, did you or did you not hear any anti-American sermons?

7. How much of your own money did you spend on your 1.5 million dollar home in Chicago?

8. We’re you involved in money laundering with Tony Resco?

9. If no, then how did you only pay $300,000 for your 1.5 million dollar home?

10. Can you share your negotiating secrets on how to purchase a house 1.2 million dollars less than the market value?

Just a few questions that NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or CNN will not ask simply because they are in bed with this repeated liar. The simple fact is that liberals are fearful of Sara Palin because of several reasons.

The main reason is because liberals are determined to have the first female President in the history of The United States.  They thought Hillary was one and now it’s our turn.

The left knows that if McCain and Palin win the election, Palin will then step-up to the Presidency after McCain’s run.

I can see all of the loons on the left behind closed doors right now going crazy, trying to figure out how to disrupt this ticket at any cost.  They see Sara Palin as a dangerous candidate.  I mean she has to be dangerous if she can shoot a gun, hunt caribou, skin moose, ride four-wheelers, be pro-life, and a lifetime member of the NRA, we can’t have that.  But most of all, she’s a conservative mother of 5, who is normal as normal gets, she’s an outsider who could truly ‘change’ Washington.  That is a combination for disaster for the angry left.

So the democrats will beat up on a scared teenager and her mistake.  They will scheme for their candidate while he get’s to stay above the prey and winking at the same time.  But, these tactics will back fire as they always do, because there are millions upon millions more of normal Americans than there are of dumb asses!

~ by bohography on September 2, 2008.

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