Donkey Loving Media Takes Another Swipe

The media has truly lost its way…  They will say and do anything, stoop to any level to get their candidate elected.  They will purposely make up sh%t just to stir the pot, because they honestly believe that ordinary Americans are too dumb to know what’s true and what’s bullsh&t!!!

Now a woman can’t be VP because she’s a mother?  So any woman who has children can never become VP?  If this is the criteria we are going to follow, then the worst Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi should resign today.  She has 5 children too, hell she’s third in line to the President.  So why aren’t these dumb ass anchors and so-called journalists demanding Pelosi to step down?  Oh that’s right, all of the dumb asses are on the same team with the same agenda!

Here’s a liitle bit of information for these donkey lovers to ponder, nobody has said anything about her being a Governor with 5 children, only now as a potential VP. what’s the difference?  Here’s the difference, Palin would actually have more time with her children as VP than as a Gov.  Being a Gov requires more time away from her children, than a VP.  So again, the donkey lovers are throwing their hissy fits cause a powerful, educated, accomplished and attractive woman has yanked their hopes of having the first woman VP and President…  Keep it up, you donkey loving dem wits!

~ by bohography on September 3, 2008.

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