Evangelicals Say ‘NOBAMA’

As some Democrats say that they are insulted by the fact that Gov. Sara Palin thinks she can steal disgruntled Hillary voters– Evangelical Christians are singing the same tune, but not the same song.  Most Evangelicals have been insulted by the Obama campaign arrogantly predicting that they will win the Evangelical Christian vote.

You hear Liberals say that just because Palin is a woman, doesn’t mean Hillary supporters will vote for her–they have nothing in common with Palin.  Well Evangelicals are saying the same thing about Obama.  As one Evangelical put it to me, “just because Obama says he’s a christian, doesn’t mean his christian beliefs are the same as ours. How could a devoted follower of Christ knowingly vote for someone who voted against providing medical treatment to a living baby from a botched abortion.  Is that what Christians do, or is that what Jesus would do”?

Great point! I have wondered this for awhile now, I actually wrote an essay on a similar topic titled The Divided States of America Part 1.  In this article I wrote about how Christian Democrats and Christian Republicans are so divided on important issues in our country today.  How can 88% of us in America be Christians, yet be so divided?

How can a Pastor named Jeremiah Wright have so much hate in his heart?  How can Wright use God’s name in vein to curse the very country his was born and raised in?  And all of this being spewed from the pulpit, with innocent minds of children in his congregation.

How can Barack Obama claim to be a devoted Christian and sit in Wright’s church for 20 yrs and not be offended?  Oh, that’s right, for the 20 yrs he attended church, Jeremiah Wright was a happy pastor, who had nothing but good things to say about our country.

The truth is that Barack Obama has very little in common with Evangelical Christians, his views on abortion are extremely different from Evangelicals.  Obama wants to eliminate school prayer across the board, who knows if he will eliminate the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Plus, Obama does not want any mention or display of the Ten Commandments in our courts. And of course, who can forget Obama saying that small town Americans cling to their guns and their religion.  “Their religion”?  That’s interesting, this is coming from someone who says he’s a Christian, shouldn’t he have said “our religion”?  What type of Christianity does Obama truly practice?

So is Obama on the same page with Evangelical Christians?  The answer is obvious and the results will become more obvious in November.  If you are a Christian and you are not sure how you will cast your vote for this election, think about this.  Instead of voting for McCain or Obama, vote for Jesus…

~ by bohography on September 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Evangelicals Say ‘NOBAMA’”

  1. Jesus was a liberal! And it is laughable that anyone would think that Sarah would steal Hillary voters. People with ears can hear how conservative she is, she is limited in thought and deed, her plane on ebay did not sell and she lost money, she took away 62% of Special education money away from Alaskan children with special needs, she accepted the bridge to nowhere money and used it. she is under investigation for ethics, how is she a reformer?

  2. So are you saying that Jesus would let babies die or terminate them purposely? Palin did not say she “sold” the plane on eBay, she said she “put it” on eBay, which is true. Where is the proof that she used the bridge to nowhere money? She was for, then changed her position, which Obama has done on every major issue, so what’s the difference? And we did we start convicting people before the investigation is completed? Just because there is a claim against her, doesn’t mean it’s true. I don’t believe that the majority of Hillary supporters would vote for Palin, but there will be some that will vote for McCain.

    It’s funny how the left automatically jumps to conclusions…

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