Sanctuary City Allows 3yr Old To Be Killed By An Illegal!

I don’t know how many times I have written about this topic, but I will continue to make my voice heard until something is done about this silent war.  This is an absolute outrage!!!  When is enough, enough?  WHEN!  This scum of the earth had been arrested and released 16 different times in and around the Denver area.  That’s Denver, Colorado, a Sanctuary City that obviously wipes there hands of innocent AMERICAN’s blood each night before they kiss their children good night and go to bed.

How difficult is it for these city officials and the police departments to enforce the freaking laws!  Here’s a hint, when you arrest an illegal immigrant, call the feds and start the process of deportation you corrupt bastards!

How many more AMERICAN deaths will it be until our government acknowledges that this silent war on AMERICAN citizens has gotten out of hand?  Here’s another solution for these no good sanctuary cities like Denver, Dallas, San Franfreakshow and many others– stop giving there police departments federal aid!  If these police departments are going to sit back and watch their citizens be murdered on a daily basis from people that should have never been here in the first place (hints illegal), and refuse to enforce federal immigration laws, then stop the funds!!!!!!  I guarantee these corrupt cities would be at the feds beck and call if that happened!

This issue alone has made AMERICANS come un-glued for the simple fact that our people are being killed for absolutely no reason, except for the fact that our local governments will not protect us.  They rather appease illegals than save AMERICANS!

We must fight this issue until the government fully understands the full impact of our anger and distrust!  We will expose the local, state and federal officials for the low-life scum that they are.  I am so sick and tired of this, how hard is it to do the right thing and enforce the damn laws!  It seems like we will again have to protect our country and communities ourselves, so I say we rise up, stay up and demand these tragedies to end!  We need to make famous those in our government who will allow these preventable deaths to occur.  Now is the time!  Get the word out, let it be known that enough is enough and if you can’t enforce the laws then WE THE PEOPLE will kick your ass to the curb and find someone who will!!!

Are we men or are we mice?

~ by bohography on September 9, 2008.

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  1. nice video

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