What A Speaker; Obama Plagiarizes Again!

Source: Fox News by Maxim Lott

Barack Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment grabbed all the headlines Wednesday, but a line he delivered just before that remark is leading critics to wonder whether the Democratic presidential candidate’s speechwriter is a cartoonist.

On Tuesday, for the third time in four days, Obama borrowed a lengthy bubble quote from Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles. He did not acknowledge the origin of the quote the first time he used it and credited the cartoon only after the Post contacted the Obama campaign to ask about the first use.

“John McCain says he’s about change, too. And so, I guess his whole angle is, ‘Watch out, George Bush. Except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy and Karl Rove-style politics … we’re really gonna shake things up in Washington,’” Obama said during a rally Tuesday in Lebanon, Va.

As it turns out, Toles’ cartoon in The Washington Post last Friday depicted McCain addressing the White House with the caption: “Watch out, Mr. Bush! With the exception of economic policy and energy policy and social issues and tax policy and foreign policy and Supreme Court appointments and Rove-style politics, we’re coming in there to shake things up!” Read more here…

You’ve got to be kidding me, the grand speaker of hope and change has done it again, copied someone else s work, but this time from a cartoon!  Yes a cartoon, he apparently uses cartoons for his out of this world, inspiring speeches.  All this time, Obama gullibles have been just that, gullible to the Freshman Senator’s words– as if he speaks from his soul…

But how!  How could someone with this gift of the tongue, such words of inspiration, not speak from his heart, but from a cartoon caption?, the gullible asks.  Say it ain’t so Barack, so it ain’t so!  Please tell me that you can speak from your heart without the help of a fictional cartoon or teleprompter?  Is this why you stumble over your words and say things that aren’t true?, the gullible wonders.  Oh what have we done, we’ve elected someone who cannot think on his own, a true dumb ass!, the gullible yells.  Maybe no one will notice,– hey Barack just keep saying ‘change’ and ‘yes we can’, yeah keep saying that, now that’s a great speech man…

Why don’t he just hire the cartoon guy as his real speechwriter, then he can plagiarize the hell out of him…

~ by bohography on September 11, 2008.

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