Change Or More Of The Same?

Now that Barack Obama has captured an historic election, how is the path to ‘change’ going for him so far?  Well it seems that the promise of change, the promise of rooting out the Washington establishment and bringing in a new, fresh administration has been pushed to the side.

So far 31 out of 47 personnel and counting, Obama has selected are from the Clinton administration, not to mention picking Hillary herself as Secretary of State.  Change?  What change?  And who’s the next pick?  It appears that Obama is using the Clinton administration template instead of his promise for change.  And who’s to say that the former Clinton staffers won’t be more loyal to the Clinton’s?

There is an obvious problem with this path, 16 yrs!  16 yrs have past since Bill Clinton took office.  A lot has changed, the world is more complex and more dangerous.  There are more vital issues going on at the same time, not to mention Obama has the far-left already shoving their agenda in his face.  So now is not a good time to play Back to the Future with these cabinet picks.  Been there, done that…

Still waiting on ‘Change’ Barack or will it be ‘More of the Same’…

SOUND OFF:  What do you think of Obama’s cabinet picks so far?

~ by bohography on November 18, 2008.

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