Fire It Up Fridays

Ask and you shall receive…  Due to many requests, I’ve decided to create this forum for you to vent all of your week’s frustrations.  So here’s your chance to shout from the soapbox and air it all out!  Whatever is on your mind, any topic, any idea, ANYTHING!  You never know, this could become very interesting and even very entertaining…  So, let it all build up and burn inside, then stop by here and Fire It Up every Friday!

From Bo,

Creator of Bohography

One Response to “Fire It Up Fridays”

  1. Americans, I am not the writer or blogger that Bohography is, but I do have something to say… So please bare with me while I make my little speech.

    We have a family friend that volunteered to go to Iraq, VOLUNTEERED to fight for his country, OUR country! I know that the majority of us do support our troops, but how do we show our support? We say we support them, but what are we actively showing our support?

    We get caught up with work, shopping and going on nice vacations, but do we take the time to truly appreciate these things, our freedoms? My fellow Americans, these men and women are putting their lives on the line for us, our country, so we can remain a FREE NATION UNDER GOD!!!

    One thing that my daughter and I do to show our support for our solider, is we mow his lawn while he’s away… Mind you it’s nothing compared to what he’s doing for us, but at least it’s one way we can put our words into action. Every week we mow his lawn, he is single and has no family here. Yes it’s a small gesture, but it can go a long way.

    When our solider gets home in September, his yard will be mowed and his house will be clean. If we all unite and do something, like mow a yard, check on their family, email them just to let them know we care, it could help put their mind at ease during a difficult time. If we can think of something little, while they are doing something BIG for us, then maybe in some very small way this will let them know that we do support them. Not only show them we support them, but we also love them, we respect them and most of all we appreciate them for the job they’re doing for our great nation.

    So please America, do something big or small to let out armed forces know that we acknowledge their efforts and we are here for them, while they are over there for our country, our children and our future…

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