Got Heroes?

Do you know a hero?  Sure you do, we all do.  There are heroes all around us; moms, dads, grandparents, military, veterans, first responders, teachers and even dogs.  Well now is your chance to recognize your hero and share this special person or animal with us… This page is solely dedicated to our heroes and nothing but heroes… So, what are you waiting for?  Tell us a little bit about your hero…   

For me, I’ve had the privilege to know several heroes during my military career… However, my first hero I would like to share with you is not from my career, but from my personal life.  I met him in the year 2000, how did I meet him?  I met this hero through his grandaughter, who is now my wife. This hero’s name is George “Pa” Gosha, a WWII Veteran who lived for his family, his country and his fishing…  From the start, we hit it off great and our relationship grew… 

Throughout my life, I only had one grandpa who was a great man and is deeply missed.  You see, when my grandpa passed, it really felt like something was missing, our family’s leader was gone.  So when I met “Pa”, I felt like I belonged, he made me feel like I was part of his family.  “Pa” would share stories from his days in the military and how life was different back then.  In between the jokes, he would talk to me about raising a family and the importance of creating a stable enviroment for my children.  I remember during one of our “guy talk” moments, he told me “son, a man’s success is not measured by his money, but by the family that he’s created”… Needless to say, “Pa” gave me a whole new perspective on what it means to love your family and fight for your country. 

Not only was “Pa” a WWII Veteran, he was also a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great-grandfather, he was blue-collar, a hard worker, who always made sure his family had food on the table and clothes on their backs.  When I married his grandaughter, his namesake, “Pa” was understandably nervous and concerned about his little girl, who he helped raise. But the greatest compliment and respect I received from this great man, is that in his eyes, I had earned his trust to take care of her and the family we would create together…

Today, Old Glory is cased to standards and stands guard over his favorite chair, while his body is at rest a mile away.  Today, his family lives on, while keeping him close to their hearts and in their minds.  Today, when I see his old tractor sitting there, begging me for a drive through his garden, I think back and I am grateful that our paths were destined to cross.  Today, I will try to become half the man that my hero once was. Today, I will listen closely to his beloved wife’s words about the life of a man, a Veteran and a fallen hero, who became my grandpa… 


7 Responses to “Got Heroes?”

  1. A buddy of mine went to Iraq to serve his country. He came home in a casket. He would loved to have died in battle defending his country. Instead he died a useless death clearing brush with a tractor. He hit a gas line and blew up. I support our TROOPS 100%. Let’s get them home. All the fallen in battle and not.

  2. Nick, my brother, thanks for sharing your hero… I do want to say that no matter how you feel about this war, those who drop everything and sacrifice all, no matter how their life ended, were defending our country… In every war, there are accidental deaths, whether from friendly fire, vehicle accidents or clearing brush. It is a hectic place, with hectic situations. But the fact that your friend was conducting a mission that obviously needed to be done, means he was contributing to the fight. You see, his death was far from useless, you don’t have to be killed by the enemy to justify their death. Unfortunate? Yes. Accidental? Yes. Could it have been prevented, who knows? But useless, no way! Every military person over there is defending our country, whether it’s the cooks, mechanics or infantry, each individual has a role and mission to complete the overall objective. All who perish during this war, who made a tremendous sacrifice, who gave their heart and soul in the defense of our country, paid the ultimate sacrifice, no matter what, it was in defense of our country and our future…

  3. My best friend is my hero- He is a Senior Chief in the US Navy aboard Nuclear Submaines. Not only does this man train young sailors how to run a Nuclear sub but he is also a dedicated husband and father.
    You see my hero didn’t have much growing up so he has overcome so much to get to where he is today.
    He works extremely hard in highly stressful situations-
    He went to college during his “shore duty” rotation and while working 60 hours a week on rotating shift work got his Bacholers the very first in his EXTENDED family to go to college.
    We need to remember our troops not only during the war but also during peace. Just because we aren’t at war does not mean that our saliors and soldiers are on vacation-I have seen many military members go away ALL THE TIME my hero is gone for months and months every year: he is gearing up to leave for 6 mths. soon- not only during war time this is all the time (I speak from a Navy perspective because that is where my hero serves) Navy vessels are deployed every second of every day~ war and peace~ holidays or not there is no stand down, one does not come home until another is there to relieve the other.
    No we do not have the numbers in Iraq or Afganistan as the other forces but they are gone and their families miss them just as much and worry just as much.
    How do I know this well I married that Salior 3 days after he graduated from boot camp, and I have supported him through 3~ 6 mth. deployments- probably 2 years of time in 3 mth deployments and numerous weekly and biweekly small runs.
    We just celebrated our 16th anniversary in Jan. and have 3 beatuiful boys.
    My heart still melts everytime I see that Sub coming home and I see MY salior walk across that brow.
    Military wives go through alot but we stand the test of time and hold down the homefront waiting and supporting our loved one.
    Just remember when the war ends someone somewhere is standing “THE WATCH” so we can have peace.
    When a sailor retires this is often heard at their retirement while folding the flag -I thought I would leave it here…
    Mrs. MMCS Lucky|~

  4. My daughter is in South Carolina in US Army Basic Combat Training. She is my hero for her courage. – Bob W. Hargis

  5. Bob, thank you for sharing your hero with us… You must be so proud of your daughter and her courage. As a veteran, I would like to say that there is no greater measure of one’s character than of a person who will volunteer to defend and preserve our country and our way of life. Please pass on to your daughter, your hero, that her willingness to step forward and serve is greatly appreciated and she will always be supported here.

    I’m sure you’re a little nervous for you little girl, but I bet you’re also full of pride… Thank you for your family’s selfless contribution to our country.



  6. My Dad is my hero, along with the USS Calaghan. They were on the last US Navy vessel sunk by Kamikaze. God Bless the 57 that fought and died for our Freedom that night, aboard that magnificant Destroyer. Okinawa 1944. These men I am humbled by.

  7. Thank you for sharing your hero, your dad. There are many heroes out there who deserve a lot of credit, but it’s hard to compare someone’s dad who is there hero… Your dad and his comrades paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, there is no greater contribution one can give. I am grateful for your dad’s service and his sacrifice, so that we may be free…

    Thank you,

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